Catholic Women’s Daybook No. 57




Outside my window::

spring rain. The grass is that lovely bright early spring green and daffodils, crocus and even some tulips are appearing! The trees suddenly got their white buds and early green leaves yesterday (of course it was almost 80 degrees, so I bet that helped.)


jeans, grey v-neck t-shirt, silver earrings. I had an early lab draw at the Resort this morning so I chose an easy outfit.


Just finished Letters to Malcolm, which is one of the books my brother got me for my birthday last week. It was lovely, as is everything Lewis wrote. Reading B XVI’s Holy Women now but might finish that today. Also re-reading Inside the Passion and the second part of B XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth: the Holy Week book.

Around the house:

Surprisingly, not a whole lot. I have to mop the kitchen floor and work on the master bath a bit (change the bathmats in there) but the place is in pretty good shape!

In the Kitchen::

Well Friday will be sort of short shrift, eh? 🙂 Tonight is chicken and vegetables, Tuesday is 2 bean weeknight chili (it’s amazing), Wednesday is a turkey burger and Thursday–no idea. Maybe pasta?

Working out::

Rehab M and W, not Friday. Going to yoga class tomorrow and maybe Thursday morning? We’ll see if I can get up in time. 🙂


It’s a big week. Hoping to make it to adoration at my church M and W, definitely will tomorrow. Holy Thursday Mass at 7:00 and then adoration following; Good Friday service starts at noon (my parish has someone preach the Seven Last Words), and then Easter, of course. 🙂

In the CD player::

Rotating between Part II of Messiah and Lent at Ephesus. Really, part II of Messiah is so overlooked. And it’s great music.



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