Seven Quick Takes No. 46




Happy Almost Divine Mercy Sunday! And almost two popes Canonization Day!

OK, I realize, if you’re not Catholic, you don’t care about the above two things, but….oh well. I am especially excited for the canonization of John Paul II. His Papacy covered the first 23 years of my life, and even now, it’s still sort of hard to think he’s not here anymore. He was a giant of his age (OK, any age, really). My parents were married under his reign, me and my siblings were born, I received all my sacraments…he colored everything during my growing-up years. Such witness. And I don’t think I need to say that his example in suffering has been incredibly helpful to me. Right now I’m reading his encyclical Veritas Splendor–the Splendor of Truth. Having been growing up during his papacy, I obviously missed reading a lot of his writings as they initially came out. So I’m doing catch-up now.


This post is one I really like. If you haven’t read it, would you please? 🙂 (End of blatant self-promotion, right there)


CCD starts back up this week, and I’m the teacher of the week. We’re talking about the Ascension. There’s only four weeks left in the CCD year, which I’m having a hard time imagining. This year’s class has been a great group of kids and I’ll miss them.


Auditioning for The Music Man tonight–summer theater production. So dusting off the resume and the music books.


Pulm Rehab is also going well. Today was supposed to be my last day but we extended it into May because I seemed to be making progress, and we don’t want to stop the progress train. 😛 Progress does not mean I’ll be running the Boston Marathon any time soon (read: EVER), so get that out of your head.


I’m hoping to get to the Met’s Live in HD presentation of Cosi Fan Tutti tomorrow. I’m not a huge Mozart fan, except for his operas, so I’m trying to see more of those (the only ones I’ve seen in Don Giovanni and Le Nozze Di Figaro).  I love that the Met does this– basically, it’s the live performance streamed into movie theaters all over the world, so you get to see what the people in the opera house are seeing, without, you know, flying to NYC and paying lots of money. One of my bucket list items is to see a production in the house, but this is a good substitute until I get there.


Hoping to teach myself a new and better way to cast on knitting projects this weekend, because the one I use doesn’t really work. I need to have a better one in my repertoire for better projects!


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