Santo subito

Well, maybe not subito (immediately). But, still good.



And on the feast of Divine Mercy–extra perfect.

The present-day mentality, more perhaps than that of people in the past, seems opposed to a God of mercy, and in fact tends to exclude from life and to remove from the human heart the very idea of mercy…Humanity and the modern world need so much. And they need mercy although they often do not realize it….

Making the Father present as love and mercy is, in Christ’s own consciousness, the fundamental touchstone of His mission as Messiah…

Chris proclaims by His actions even more than by His words that call to mercy which is one of the essential elements of the Gospel ethos. In this instance it is not just a case of fulfilling a commandment or an obligation of an ethical nature; it is also a case of satisfying a condition of major importance for God to reveal Himself in His mercy to man…

All the subtleties of love become manifest in the Lord’s mercy toward those who are His own; He is their Father…Mercy is the content of intimacy with the Lord, the content of their dialogue with HIm…

Mercy is in a certain sense contrasted with God’s justice, and in many cases is shown to be more not only more powerful than justice but also more profound…Love is “greater” than justice; greater in the sense that it is primary and fundamental. Love, so to speak, conditions justice and, in the final analysis, justice serves love. The primacy and superiority of love vis-à-vis justice–this is the mark of the whole of revelation–are revealed precisely through mercy. This seems so obvious to the psalmists and prophets that the very term justice ended up by meaning the salvation accomplished by the Lord and His mercy. Mercy differs from justice, but is not in opposition to it.



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