Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 51




Disney! Disney! Disney! Adventure starts tomorrow. I am so crazy excited. Of course that means packing….I have most of my clothes packed, but there are CDs to choose, books to decide on, the food bag to pack, and meds and toiletries and CI stuff….whew! Fortunately I’m a pretty frequent traveler so I’ve got most of this down.


We break the drive into two parts–here to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to the Yacht Club (reverse on the way back). Generally, I try not to blog a lot when I travel, although I might do some updates here and there. I prefer to save it for when I’m home, and then I can add pictures and other things.


The weather looks fairly decent for us. Rain in June in Orlando is pretty common, and we have our ponchos, but Tuesday, when I’m at the Magic Kingdom, is supposed to be partly cloudy and no rain. Thursday and Friday when we’re in EPCOT are supposed to be a little more wet, but we are prepared!  We’ve got the ponchos, I’ll put extra socks in my purse (wet socks are SO not awesome) and we’ll be ready.


Today is the last day of this Pulm Rehab “session.” I’ll get a two week break and then after my doctor appointment in June, we’re supposed to start session #2. I wonder if the idea is just to keep me in it forever? Not like I mind. I also have an ENT appointment the Friday after we get back, so I check in with him. I’m wondering if he’ll say I need prophylactic sinus surgery, because I sort of think I do. We’ll see!

I will miss my Music Man family since I’ll miss a few rehearsals while I’m at the House of Mouse. However, I have all the music memorized (well except for Trouble, that’s sort of weird) so I’ll be ready to rock and roll once I’m back. And I’m bringing the CD with me so I can even practice. Bwahahaha.


Yesterday I made my IKEA trip with my friend Mary. We had a total blast. We sang along to Frozen and other Disney songs, we ate meatballs, we played with French presses, and generally had a great time. I got a new duvet, duvet cover and pillow for my bed, and a laundry basket, while Mary got a lot of glassware (she and her family love to throw parties) and picture frames. All in all a very successful trip and we must go back soon!

We have decided this will be the Summer of Serious Fun. We are going to take this……seriously.


What are your good road trips songs? Hit me up with ideas so we can have the best road trip music EVUH!!! 🙂 🙂

It’s time for….the Summer Boden Questionnaire!

If you get the Boden catalog, you know that one of the fun features are the questions they ask the models. They’re usually silly and a lot of fun.

So, even though I will never be a model, I like to try my hand at answering them. Some summer fun for us today, if you will.

You can never have too many…books.

How do you celebrate the start of summer?…with a swim.

Best advice…never ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do for them.

Best thing since sliced bread…pre-packaged pancetta.

Favorite form of exercise…swimming or chasing around little kids. Chasing little kids in a pool is then the best.

Favorite destination for summer break…Disney World or the Outer Banks.

Most athletic summer feat…Running the mile in summer gym. Outside. In June.

The thing in my handbag I never use…

In my next life I’m coming back as….an opera singer.

Where do you go in your daydreams?…a lovely island.

Best thing about summer?…swimming and summer theater!

What’s the most underrated virtue?…kindness

What gets easier as you get older?….getting up earlier.

Favorite mantra…God is always good.

What bores the pants off you?…professional basketball.

What is your greatest extravagance?…buying books. And my love for cashmere and swingy dresses.

Obscure fact few people know about me…I used to play the clarinet.

I wish I could…dance en pointe.

Best thing that money can’t buy….love

The most underrated thing on the planet…an ordinary day.

Thing I’d like to tell my eighteen year old self….You will get more parts, relax! 

Most life changing invention….immunosuppressant drugs. 🙂 And the computer.

Never ask a man…what he thinks of your outfit. It never ends well.

A true friend will….remember your birthday.

What would improve the quality of your life?...having a robot maid like on the JetsonsWhere’s my Rosie? 🙂


Getting stronger and faster


The Olympic motto is “Faster, higher, stronger.”

It could also be the pulmonary rehab motto.

I’ve been doing this program since March this time, and no, I’m not any closer (I don’t think) to running a marathon. But I am noticing changes in my body–things shifting, dropping a size, and my functional strength is much better.

When I went to the pool this weekend, I could swim two laps (they’re small laps, the pool is small) without stopping. Last year that wasn’t happening. Now it is. I can hoist myself out of the pool again, so my arms are definitely stronger than they were before I started. I feel happier in my body.

Will I ever run a marathon? Well, probably not. But am I looking forward to hiking in Hocking Hills this summer? Yeah, I am. I’m looking forward to being able to climb stairs without feeling like I’m going to die.

This is all possible because I had to make my health the first priority. I have to make sure I am getting enough sleep (for me, that’s nine hours, usually). I have to make sure that I am meal planning, buying healthy food, and focusing on what I need to eat, and what will help me reach my goals, as opposed to derailing them. And yeah, it’s basically a full time job, having to keep all of this straight, making most of my meals, and working out for an hour three times a week at the rehab sessions.

There have been days when I’ve been so frustrated with my body’s inability to do the things I want it to, that I’ve cried. Yup, I have. Gonna admit it.

But I am noticing changes, and they’ve been all for the good. I’m not going to be on the cover of SI’s swimsuit issue in this life. But I’m OK with that.



Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 62/ Weekend Rewind

Outside my window::

Man, it’s a gorgeous Memorial Day. Sunshine, blue sky, a few clouds, nice and warm. (The swim this morning was excellent due to weather.) One of my neighbors is grilling out and it makes everything smell yummy.

In the CD player::

The Bridges of Madison County. Oh my gosh, people. This show is awesome. I’m sad it’s closed.:( Here’s a clip of Kelli O’Hara, who plays the female lead, Francesca, singing the show’s opener. It’s a stunner.  (I mean, of course, it’s Jason Robert Brown, but still. It’s so much better than you may think.) I’m alternating between this and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, because who doesn’t need some 80s music every once in awhile?


Sense and Sensibility (Marianne just met Willoughby), Watership Down (I’m about finished and it’s really good), The Pickwick Papers, Keeping Home (a Christian perspective on housekeeping).


Around the house::

Getting ready for the Disney trip which is rapidly approaching! SO excited. I may have mentioned how excited I am. 🙂  So I’m packing clothes and books and toiletries and all the gear I need for a trip to the House of Mouse. Also doing regular cleaning so that when I leave the house (and come back to said house) it won’t be a disaster of Epic Proportions. I also have to make sure I have all the meds ordered and ready to go for the trip, since I don’t want to track down a pharmacy in Orlando that may or may not carry the drugs I need. 🙂



Only one rehearsal this weekend, and it was to run through our existing Act I blocking, block Trouble and work on polishing Iowa Stubborn, which is going really well. I love this show and the cast more every rehearsal, which is great and really exciting, since we also get better every rehearsal.

Well, blocking for three hours counts, right? 🙂 There has also been much swimming since the pool officially opened on Thursday. (I’ve gone twice, which is good for me.) And of course there will be lots of swimming/walking at WDW.

Fun links::

This Jane  discovery.  (Everyone needs more Jane in their lives) and where Richard III will be buried.  So, yes, a British flavor to these today. 🙂

Weekend Rewind::

There was swimming, there was X-Men: Days of Future Past (I will say it is probably helpful to have seen the other movies before this one, but I don’t think you’ll be irrevocably lost if you haven’t seen them before seeing this), there was a cookout with perfect burgers. In general, great summer kick off. 🙂

X-Men, by the by, is definitely worth seeing, especially for James McAvoy’s disillusioned and mournful Charles Xavier. Also, Ellen Page has a small but very well done and important role in this installment. And Jean-Luc Picard! (I know, I know. Patrick Stewart, Okkkayyyyy! I grew up with a Trekkie Dad, what do you expect? )

Plans for the week::

More rehab (W and Fri), packing, and then The Happiest Place on Earth. 🙂








Found: A “Lost” note from Jane Austen

Found: A “Lost” note from Jane Austen

A handwritten note by Jane Austen “hidden” for 150 years on the back of a fragment of paper has been revealed.

Experts have linked the text on both the front and back to themes in the author’s novel Mansfield Park.

The fragment was stuck to a letter discovered in a first edition of her memoirs, written by her nephew, James Edward Austen-Leigh.

The revealed text is part of a sermon apparently composed by her brother, the Reverend James Austen in 1814.


(more at the link) 

Burial of Richard III

Burial of Richard III

The final resting place for the remains of Richard III, one of the kings of England during the Wars of the Roses (he succeeded his brother, Edward IV, and his nephew, Edward V. Course he might also have killed Edward V….we will never know for sure), will be in Leicester Cathedral, near where his remains were found in a Leicester parking lot. 

Seven Quick Takes No. 50




It is, unofficially…..


(You knew that was coming. Don’t even try to pretend you DID NOT.)


The pool in my complex is open, friends are planning a barbecue, and of course, the great Jane Austen Re-Read kicks off today with Sense and Sensibility. Yes. That’s what makes summer here


Also: when people are eating ice cream at the patio tables outside of the local Coldstone Creamery.That is also a sign of summer. Because it can be 90 degrees in March, and people won’t do this. But if it’s 70 on Memorial Day weekend–people are going to Coldstone, and they will eat the ice cream at the patio tables. It’s a thing.


Also summer? Vacations! Disney World in nine days. NINE DAYS. I can’t wait. Have I mentioned I can’t wait? (I might have. A few times. Maybe.)


Summer musical rehearsals have been going on all month, so that’s not really “summer”, but the show goes up July 11 and runs through the 20th. So, yes, summer musicals. I love. I only have one rehearsal this weekend and it’s  run-through rehearsals, and we have to block one more scene (“Trouble”). But the whole process has been fantastic so far. Great cast, great directors, and we’re having a lot of fun.


One of the nicest things about spring/summer? Reading outside. I was out last night on my deck chair, reading Watership Down (almost done with it) and it was divine. Perfect weather, kids playing ball games nearby, and squirrels munching on nuts. It was great.


And it’s not summer without big summer movies. Planning on seeing X-Men Days of Future Past with my dad and brother this weekend, and then Maleficient at some point (although I read the book and I have to say, I dunno how I feel about this plot line, but…).