Seven Quick Takes No. 47




So…MUSIC MAN! Yes, I am really excited to be doing this show. First rehearsal is tonight. If you’re wondering what I’ll be doing, this video is a good representation. Tomorrow we do the table read (or read/sing). I love table reads and I haven’t done one in awhile, and for a musical, in like 7 years!


This week I read Jen Fulwiler’s memoir, Something Other than God (which can be purchased here). If you don’t want to click over and read my review, in short: It’s really good. You should read it. Do it do it do it!


Only two more CCD classes (like, real classes) left for the year. I’m sad about that because I love my co-teacher and we have, in general, a pretty great class. I think we’ve prepared them well for their First Communion and First Reconciliation, which, if all goes well, they will make next year. Next year’s classes start in September and we have catechist retreat day in August, so we get about two months and change off before I need to start thinking about next year’s class, but already my co-teacher and I are scheming. 🙂


Disney World trip prep continues apace. I am super excited to be going again, especially since the Seven Dwarves Mine Train will be open!!!


But a big part of prep is amassing books to read. I like to bring a mix of new books and old favorites. We drive down so that’s a big piece of driving, and then there’s pool time. 🙂 So hit me up in the comments with books you think I should read. I read anything except those cheapy paperback romances, because I just can’t tolerate those. Sadly, the new Outlander book won’t be out by the time we leave!


One of my goals for the month is to say my rosary every day (before bed time). Since it’s May, and since I’m a Dominican, this is a good goal to have! Usually I get to it every other day or so, but I really want to make it a daily habit that happens before I fall asleep. 🙂


I realize these are pretty brief QT today–but basically I could just write MUSIC MAN MUSIC MAN MUSIC MAN over and over, because I’m so excited about it. 🙂 🙂 I’m trying to spare y’all that! 🙂


One thought on “Seven Quick Takes No. 47

  1. Emily! I’ve read all but one of Sarah Addison Allen’s books the past few months and am starting Alice Hoffman’s new novel tomorrow. I’m a big fan of magical realism and defiantly recommend both those authors!

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