Catholic Women’s Daybook No. 59

Outside my window::

It’s a bit overcast. That’s OK. It’s supposed to get up to nearly 86 this week. BAZINGA!

Yeah. I’m SO not complaining. Ever.


jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy yet. 🙂


Finished St. Faustina’s Diary (yay!), now reading In Paradise and beginning to get books together for the Florida trip in A MONTH!!!!!! So far I’ve got The Lullaby of Polish Girls and The Orchardist. I want to add The Gargoyle and Mrs. Dalloway from my stash, and of course there shall be Jane, because I do the Great Jane Re-Read every summer. The question is what book I’ll be on by then. I start the re-read Memorial Day weekend and usually I get through Sense and Sensibility, at least, over that period of time. So I think Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park will probably get packed. We’re driving, so I will need books. 🙂 And books by the pool, of course.

In the CD player::

The Music Man, mostly. Because, yeah, I have to learn the music. 🙂 I know most of it, obviously. I mean, most kids who grow up loving musicals do or see Music Man at some point in their formative years. Now it’s more like learning the parts (for pieces like Iowa Stubborn, for example), and polishing words (“we can be cold as OUR falling thermometers in December” as opposed to “we can be cold as A falling thermometer in December”, which is how I’d always heard it!).


And segueing right into this. 🙂 Last weekend we had our organizational meeting on Friday. We were measured for costumes, had head shots/ group photos taken (in my case, group photo, of the Pick-A-Little ladies), paid fees, ordered t-shirts, and were given a run-down of how rehearsals will work.

Saturday we had a table read. I love table reads. What a “table read” is: you go through the entire show, start to finish, to see what’s going on and get a “lay of the land”, so to speak. From my perspective, I didn’t have to stay the whole time, because at a certain point my person doesn’t have any more lines to worry about. (That’s typical for Act II in most musicals.) So we were let go a bit before the end. I got music for a few of our pieces–more copies at Friday rehearsal!–and then I took them home and started working on them. So music practice is now a part of my daily routine.

This week I have rehearsal on Friday, when we start blocking the opening sequence for the ensemble (Iowa Stubborn). So it’s a blocking/music rehearsal.

Around the house::

Sweeping, dusting, mopping, trash out–the usual Monday stuff.

From the kitchen::

Right now I have a bowl of oatmeal and strawberries in front of me, and coffee, so you can’t go wrong with that. Lunch is going to be either peanut soup or sweet potato and black bean enchiladas. Dinner is at the parental units. I have to meal plan for the rest of the week before I go to Pulm Rehab today.


Yes, another week of Pulm Rehab commences!  Today is PT and OT. Last week I’d lost another pound, which was exciting for all of us, so we want to continue the trend this week (see “food”, above. 🙂 ).

Plans for the week::

Lunch with mom and a family friend tomorrow; Rehab on W and Friday; rehearsal Friday night, and La Cenerentola Live in HD from the Met on Saturday. I’m really excited about this because I love Joyce DiDonato, who is singing Cinderella.