Catholic Women’s Daybook No. 60

Outside my window::

It’s cloudy but also sort of sunny–if that makes sense–and it’s not raining. We had some tremendous thunderstorms last night which were pretty amazing, and scary–an apartment complex on the other side of town caught fire after a lightning strike. But I’m OK over here.


PJs. Yeah, I know, it’s almost 11 AM. I’ve been sleeping badly lately and my stomach is acting up, which leads to taking meds to make it happy, which leads to being really sleepy. Sigh. Body, behave!


Trying to clear the decks of books I”m sort of in the middle of and haven’t finished, meaning The Wings of the Dove and some others. I finished Veritas Splendor over the weekend and I read one of Catherine Doherty’s books, Poustinia. (She’s the foundress of Madonna House, if you’re curious about who she is.) I also have one of her other books, Beginning Again (about confession), on my iPad. I have quite a few “new” (books I haven’t read, at any rate) books that I’m saving for vacation at this point: The Lullaby of Polish Girls, The Goldfinch, Finn and Lady

A word about how I pack books: I generally go for a mix of new and old favorites when I go on long vacations, especially ones that require a lot of travel time. I figure if I have new books, they’re good to read in the car, because what else can I be doing? But I also like to bring along old friends, and I almost always have one Jane book with me when I travel (of course I have all of her books on the iPad).

Around the house::
The usual–vacuuming, dusting, mopping. Those sorts of things. Working on clearing up/out the book room/office.

Food for the week::

Well right now I don’t really want to think about food, but I do have a meal plan prepared. 🙂 So that’s good for something, right?


(and now for something completely different….)

Yesterday in CCD, I showed CCC’s video The Day the Sun Danced, about the Fatima apparitions. WE were learning about Mary in class and the book suggested we show this film, which I watched many times as a kid and enjoyed, so I brought it in.

During the video, Mary asks the children to make reparation for the sins of the world and to avoid offending God anymore, because “He is already so much offended.”

Stuff like this just adds to it.

Even if they won’t be using a consecrated host at this “educational event” (I spit on educational events like these!)–how much things like this must offend God. He gives us His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, and we do this. We profane it and abuse it and mock. There are so many parallels to Good Friday that it’s spooky.

Father, forgive them, indeed.

And–will they also, in the name of “Education”, deface a Muslim symbol? or a Jewish one? No, they won’t be doing that. But they will take the very Body of Christ and do inexplicable and unspeakable things to it.

This is an excellent piece from the Crimson, in particular this point:

As some alumni have been bold enough to mention, Harvard would never allow a reenactment of the burning of the Quran for the sake of religious or free expression, or even education. While the Satanic Temple rejects the idea of the supernatural and does not believe that their actions have metaphysical implications, we believe they are summoning true evil into the heart of campus and thus, like the Archdiocese of Boston, revile it. In fact, they are inviting the prince of darkness to sit among the most vulnerable of our community, the freshmen, in the safe space that they use to eat, socialize, and study. Furthermore, they are cowards—if the Satanic Temple were seeking to truly foster campus dialogue, they would not have chosen this time when students are busy and stressed with finals. We are saddened that our last days on campus as seniors will forever be tarnished by Harvard sanctioning hateful acts against the most important thing in our lives: our Catholic Faith.
As Harvard Catholics, we completely reject the educational pretenses under which this event has been sanctioned. The Cultural Studies Club and the Extension School’s original statement emphasized that, as part of a series of events including “a Shinto tea ceremony, a Shaker exhibition, and a Buddhist presentation on meditation,” the club is presenting an educational effort to “explore different cultures.” The Satanic Temple, which is really behind this particular event, is a religious community guilty of greater fundamentalism than any group it intends to mock. Any notion that the Satanic Temple is simply a cultural group is nonsense.

I know not all my readers are Catholic, but to the ones who are Catholic–we can’t allow this to go unmentioned.

I know this isn’t what I normally blog about. But this just terms my stomach in a non-med induced way.


The Eucharist