Seven Quick Takes No. 49




If it’s Friday….it’s time to go back to River City!

Really, peeps, I am so excited about this show. I have a “family” now–one of my good PCT friends, who is also the constable in the show, is my “husband”, and we have three children, ages 7, 10 and 15. They are great kids and I’m glad they’re in my “family.” We got along immediately, so I think that bodes well for the future.

Last week we started blocking the opening, “Iowa Stubborn”, and tonight we’ll review that (and finish blocking it), work on music and blocking for “Trouble”, and work on the music for “76 Trombones” and “Wells Fargo Wagon”. Tomorrow it’s the gym scene (“76 trombones”, the Fourth of July sequence, if you’re familiar with the show) and the first Pick-A-Little rehearsal, which I am totally so excited about that it needs to be in italics. 🙂


My Pulm Rehab stint got extended again for another two weeks, and this is definitely not a bad thing. It means I’ll be in awesome shape for Disney World (which is also in about two weeks!).  All of our dining reservations are made and we’ve planned out what days we’ll go to what parks. Extra Magic Hours (EMH) work in our favor this year, meaning I’ll get to be at Magic Kingdom until midnight (yes, very poetic on their part) and EPCOT until 11 another night. We are super loving that, especially Dad, who loves EPCOT and we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there last year.


EMH are basically extra time in the parks for people who are staying in Disney resorts (in WDW lingo, “On property”). It’s one of the nicer bonuses, besides just staying in a  really awesome hotel, which is a bonus in and of itself.


So I wrote this this week, and apparently people like it, so read it, please? Thanks. 🙂


And while we’re talking about health-ish stuff, here’s another thing:

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. If you read this blog regularly, you are pretty “aware” of CF, because, yeah, I write about my health a lot, and CF is a huge enormous part of that–it’s what led to my transplant, after all.

Now, CF is what’s called an “orphan” disease, because it doesn’t affect a lot of people (it is the most common genetic disease in the US, but that doesn’t mean much in terms of sheer numbers). As such, it doesn’t get the funding that other diseases, like cancer or AIDS or whatever, get. It does get some government funding for research (from the NIH), so when people say CF receives no government funding, they’re wrong. The foundation (the CFF) doesn’t. But CF itself does.

So, anyway: if you have any extra pennies, could you consider donating them to the CFF? I’d appreciate it. Lots of people would appreciate it.



An addendum to that: Since I’m “friends” with a lot of people who have/are affected by CF on Facebook, there’s been a lot of CF Awareness Month stuff going on. And I fully realize that what I’m about to write it just about me, but I’m gonna share anyway.

A lot of people call us “heroes.”

I am not a hero.

I’m a regular person doing her best with the life she has. I’m not saving anyone else, I’m not doing anything brave. I’m living my life like bazillions of other people all over the planet and mostly trying not to complain about it and do the best I can.

This does not make me a hero, guys. Negative hero-ness.

In the words of Harry Potter: “But I’m Harry! Just Harry!”

Yeah, I’m just Emily. I’m cool with that.


And also speaking of CF, one of my favorite TV characters ever has CF, and I’m basically her, so I leave you with this photo 🙂

(For those of you who don’t know–she’s on Bates Motel, on A&E, which you really should watch because it’s AWESOMESAUCE)

Emma D


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