Catholic Women’s Daybook No. 61

outside my window::
a perfect day. Not too hot, not to cold, gorgeous blue sky and sun. Going to read outside in my new lounge chair tonight. 🙂


jeans, flats, and a workout shirt, since I’m heading to pulm rehab in a few minutes.

Listening to::

REM “Losing my Religion.” (I know it’s funny for me to listen to this, but I love this song). I’m importing CDs into the Precious and this is on a lot of my playlists.


The Girl With the Dragon TattooA Homemade LifeWings of the Dove. Also: JANE RE-READ starts this weekend!!! 🙂 Squee! I’m packing a lot of books for the WDW trip, so I’m trying to not read the “new” books I have.

For the Jane Re-Read, I read them in published order, so Sense and Sensibility is up first.

sense and sensibility cover

Then P&P, Mansfield Park, Emma, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and the unfinished stuff (Sandition, Watsons, Lady Susan).

Around the house::

Oh, the usual cleaning, and time to drag out the suitcase so I can start packing. Yes, I am that person.

From the kitchen::

Turkey burgers, 2 bean chili, sweet potato enchiladas. Having dinner with the parents tonight. I need to get more salad fixings so I can eat those for lunch, because they’re sort of perfect.


Working on the memoir that I want to send out as part of a query package in June. I’m to about the halfway mark of a very rough first draft.


Rehearsals Friday and Sunday this week–Saturday off for me. They don’t need me that day, it’s leads only stuff, I think. So day off!

Plans for the week::

Pulm rehab MWF, possibly yoga tomorrow night. AND possible IKEA trip soon with Mary, which has me so excited. I mean, I love this stuff. I’ve never been to the Ohio store but I am filled with house possibilities after perusing the website! Friday, rehearsals, Saturday I think Dad wants to see the new X-Men movie. Sunday, Mass and rehearsal and Monday is Memorial Day (the unofficial start of SUMMMMMMMER!)






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