Burial of Richard III

Burial of Richard III

The final resting place for the remains of Richard III, one of the kings of England during the Wars of the Roses (he succeeded his brother, Edward IV, and his nephew, Edward V. Course he might also have killed Edward V….we will never know for sure), will be in Leicester Cathedral, near where his remains were found in a Leicester parking lot. 

Seven Quick Takes No. 50




It is, unofficially…..


(You knew that was coming. Don’t even try to pretend you DID NOT.)


The pool in my complex is open, friends are planning a barbecue, and of course, the great Jane Austen Re-Read kicks off today with Sense and Sensibility. Yes. That’s what makes summer here


Also: when people are eating ice cream at the patio tables outside of the local Coldstone Creamery.That is also a sign of summer. Because it can be 90 degrees in March, and people won’t do this. But if it’s 70 on Memorial Day weekend–people are going to Coldstone, and they will eat the ice cream at the patio tables. It’s a thing.


Also summer? Vacations! Disney World in nine days. NINE DAYS. I can’t wait. Have I mentioned I can’t wait? (I might have. A few times. Maybe.)


Summer musical rehearsals have been going on all month, so that’s not really “summer”, but the show goes up July 11 and runs through the 20th. So, yes, summer musicals. I love. I only have one rehearsal this weekend and it’s  run-through rehearsals, and we have to block one more scene (“Trouble”). But the whole process has been fantastic so far. Great cast, great directors, and we’re having a lot of fun.


One of the nicest things about spring/summer? Reading outside. I was out last night on my deck chair, reading Watership Down (almost done with it) and it was divine. Perfect weather, kids playing ball games nearby, and squirrels munching on nuts. It was great.


And it’s not summer without big summer movies. Planning on seeing X-Men Days of Future Past with my dad and brother this weekend, and then Maleficient at some point (although I read the book and I have to say, I dunno how I feel about this plot line, but…).