WDW 2014 Days 1-2: Columbus to the Yacht Club

Since we drive to WDW, it takes us about two days to get there, and we usually stop overnight in Georgia. This year was no exception. WE left early Friday morning and drove through Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee before stopping in Marietta, GA at a Drury Inn (The reason I know about Marietta is because of the musical Parade, which I was in in 2009 [I was Essie, one of the factory girls.]. Who says you can’t learn anything from theater?) . We had dinner at a Ruby Tuesday’s next door, watch the Pirates play the Dodgers, and went to bed.

The next morning we got up around 7:30, had breakfast, and prepared to go through Atlanta. Neither of us really like driving through Atlanta, since Georgia’s Department of Transportation seemed to want to make the city as complicated as possible to navigate. We were a lot happier once we had gotten through it.

Around 2:30 on Sunday, we reached WDW Property.

entering WDW


A few minutes later, we reached the Yacht Club itself.

Yacht Club front


(Thankfully, Sunday was the only day it rained when we were there, unlike last year, when we became very familiar with our WDW ponchos and umbrellas).

Our room was all prepared for us

Yacht Club room

Yacht Club balcony


I was desperate to go swimming, and Dad had to register for the conference, so we split up. Sadly, swimming was temporarily interrupted by a downpour, so we had dinner at Beaches and Cream a bit early. We love Beaches and Cream. It’s where I converted Dad to the wonders of Diet Chocolate Coke. (Trust me. It’s awesome.)

Dad at BC

That is a chocolate coke I'm holding. It is delicious.

That is a chocolate coke I’m holding. It is delicious.

So, we were sort of wet, but we were happy. We had our room, our Magic Bands (more on those in the next post), and we had Chocolate Cokes. 🙂



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