This is an excellent, excellent post about prayer, especially this part: 

While you are wondering how to talk to Him and where He is in the midst of your loneliness and friendlessness and fallenness or busyness and craziness and prosperity, can you imagine that He might gob-smack you tomorrow with a big old Moral of the Story, but He might also be preparing you for something so far down the line it might not be worth fretting over it right now? Tell Him that — that you are willing to wait and see.

And that might be prayer. For all I know.


2 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Five years ago my husband came very near death with a deadly viral illness. Our family stayed with him 24/7 for weeks in the ICU. We learned how to make sure he got the very best medical care, it was a hard lesson that wore us all out. He is the oldest person to have survived hantavirus.

    Last December our granddaughter was born with many congenital anomalies that will require lifetime complex care. The experiences we had before prepared my daughter and her husband to advocate for her fragile baby, they have knowledge and skills few parents have. Because of our experience we knew the baby has to have the best medical care in the world, only available in Ohio.

    This post of yours really hit home for me. Thank you for writing it.

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