Catholic Women’s Daybook No. 64

Outside my window::

Bright sunshiny day. HOT sunshiny day, but I’ll take it, because hot=swimming.


Navy blue tank top and jeans.

Listening to::

The groundkeepers mowing the grass in the complex

In the CD player::

The 2000 Music Man Revival recording–this has the entire show on CD, so it’s much better than the movie soundtrack for show work!


Re-reading Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. Also The Nesting Place and The Last Promise (which I LOOOOVE you guys need to read this! The cover doesn’t do it justice, ignore it and read it. Please.)


Some interesting “career” pathways…I have no idea if any of this will pan out but it’s fun to think about possibilities, yes?

Also, this:

It is the same with the dogma of the Blessed Trinity. It is a completely transcendent mystery. It coneys to us the unspeakable profundity of that divine life that draws its own life from itself and has no need of any other–for, indeed, what could other mean to God? And yet, when I, as a believer, speak of the Blessed Trinity, I do not speak of It as I would of some constellation in the sky, but I understand by It the first principle and ultimate end of my Christian existence, and faith in this supreme mystery leo includes me. And the redemption in which I believe is not redemption in general, but my redemption: that by which I have been redeemed. And the sanctification in which I believe is not sanctification in general, but that in which I have  a stake.

So it is with everything. God has no need of me. He could live and reign in complete fullness of his all-holy and unspeakable existence without the world existing, or I in it. This is one of the dogmas that are erected like walls to preserve our idea of God from contamination, from the confusion of pantheism, and from confusion with the world. But God has decreed from all eternity the creation of the world and my creation; he has called me to return to him by faith and love; he has willed a world in which I am to be a believer and which can be completed only by my existence as a believer; and so the world will become that which God has willed it to be only when I really believe and, by believing, return to God.

My faith is, therefore, insofar as it concerns me, the ultimate completion of the world as God the Creator has willed it. And thus my poor human existence, by the sacred liberty of the divine will, is indissolubly linked with him. I recognize him, by an act of faith, as the one who creates, redeems, and sanctifies me.

–Monsignor Romano Guardini

Cultivating rhythm::

Well I’m starting another pulm rehab session the week of June 30th. Yay! But this time it starts at ten and goes until noon. So–motivation to get up in the morning and establish morning routines? BAZINGA. I’m pretty pleased about that, gotta say.


The book proceeds apace. My goal is four pages a day and I’m sticking to that pretty well. Also, the ebook is formatted but apparently there is paperwork one must fill out in order to sell said ebook. Oh well. Working on that!

From the  kitchen::

Today is leeky chicken with a salad for dinner. I have a CT scan at 1, so I’m going to eat lunch at Children’s before my test.  I have to meal plan for the rest of the week. I lost weight at my appt. yesterday (YAY!) and I have determined that when I cook, I eat better, and I lose weight. So that means–meal planning.


The show is going crazy well. We started rehearsing with the pit this weekend which is amazing–that never happens this early on other shows. Normally you get them for tech week and that’s it. To have a bit less than a month to work with them? Incredible. It’s such a fun, fun show, with a great cast.




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