Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 52




Happy Friday, everyone!


It’s been a busy week at ma maison. On Monday I had my “annual” transplant clinic visit–I see them much more than once a year, but at this particular visit we draw more blood (for vitamin levels and all that jazz), and have some additional testing. The only additional test this year was the abdominal ultrasound, so that’s pretty exciting. My bone density is normal so we were able to skip that test this year, and we’d done CT scans and all that in previous appointments in this crazy year. Pulm Rehab restarts on the 30th, which is also my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary and my grandma’s birthday.


Also this week, Dad had his birthday (yesterday) and mom has hers on Sunday. And a friend of mine is due to have her first baby any day now!


The Music Man progresses splendidly! This is actually a light rehearsal weekend for me, which is good because after this weekend the schedule gets really intense. I only have one rehearsal on Saturday, but it’s a lot of rehearsal–almost all of Act I. For me, this means “Iowa Stubborn”, “Trouble”, “Columbia”, “76 Trombones”, and “Pick-A-Little”. But I am having so much fun doing this show, it’s fantastic. It’s going to be great!


If you missed it, here’s my first Summer in the Little Oratory post. The next one will be up on Tuesday!


There’s been some good times with friends this week. I had dinner with my friend Mary on Wednesday night (much needed girl time) and then got to hang out briefly with my wonderful first transplant nurse and one of her adorable daughters. Besides the whole “staying alive” thing, Karen is definitely the best thing to have come from transplant. I just love her. 🙂


And the Book–the draft is 227 double spaced pages. Wowza. But it’s rapidly nearing the finish of the first draft, which means I can send it to my LOVELY first draft readers once we reach that point! Exciting!


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