Summer Reading Notes

A few summer reading notes:

(And a note: the vast majority of these are older books that I either received as gifts or bought awhile back and have been in the “to read” pile! The OUPs I got at The Strand in NYC for like, three dollars each! And yes, I generally prefer OUP–Oxford University Press–for ‘classics’.)

** The great Jane re-read continues, although I’m still on S&S. I need to get in gear and finish it, so that’s on the list for next week, and move into P&P.

**I just finished The Nesting Place: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and highly recommend it, especially if you are a renter (like moi), who despairs of decorating well.

**I need to read Middlemarch this summer. I’ve been trying to read this now for almost ten years, and the time has come (the Walrus Said), so it’s going to happen.

**Also on tap: The Goldfinch, Trains and Lovers,  The Lacuna, and All The Light We Cannot See. Oh, and The Three Musketeers.  (missed this one as a child!)

** I am ALMOST DONE with The Wings of the Dove. Almost done, I tell you!



3 thoughts on “Summer Reading Notes

    • Oh gosh, my favorite Jane….that’s a tough one! Emma is actually my least favorite, probably, at least until Mrs. Elton shows up. 🙂 S&S, P&P, Mansfield Park and Persuasion I love pretty equally. Northanger Abbey is always amusing. I can’t pick a favorite!!

      • I took the quiz to see what Jane Austin heroine I am. I am Emma lol. I have heard that Emma is very selfish. That is not me at all, oh well I will see when I read it. I love P&P and S&S also. I am in the Jane Austin Book club on Facebook. God Bless,Tami

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