Catholic Women’s Daybook No. 65

Outside my window::

Sunny with wispy little clouds and bright blue sky. It’s lovely!


Jeans and a grey t-shirt. I’m cleaning a bit and running errands so nothing too fancy.

In the CD player::

Music Man, because, yeah. Music Man all the time. 🙂


Geraldine Brooks’ Caleb’s CrossingMrs. Hemingway; The Hummingbird’s Daughter

Around the house::

General cleaning–vacuuming, dusting, etc.–before the week gets insane with rehearsals. Parents are coming over for the Fourth of July so the house needs to be parent ready. 😛

From the kitchen::

Right now I’m making lunch of roasted tomatoes with Panko-crusted salmon. Dinner is pasta with homemade marinara (we have rehearsal, need the carbs to be happy. :-P). Rest of the week:

Tuesday: 2 bean chili for lunch, sweet potato enchiladas for dinner

Wednesday: chickpea salad for lunch, “steak” fajitas for dinner (it’s really portobello mushrooms)

Thursday: walnut, avocado and pear salad for lunch and turkey burgers for dinner

Friday: Fourth of July, so this and this. (I always make these for Fourth of July)

Saturday: No idea yet. 🙂


We’ve moved in to Heritage’s theater (it’s the oldest school building still existing in our district, and it was built–I think–around the time the show is set, so it’s historically accurate!), so we’ve started bringing in props, lights, set pieces, and marking where these things go during rehearsal. Yesterday we got through about half of Act I (maybe a little more than half), with some blocking/choreography adjustments, but I think it’s going well. Tonight we pick up with “Marian the Librarian”. I’ve also started getting my make-up kit together for dress rehearsals next week, so I’m not scrambling to do it later. We open next Friday!





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