“Here’s the dealio…”

(If you aren’t familiar with Despicable Me, Gru says that in the movie.)

Gru and Agnes


Anyway, today I started Pulm Rehab again, and the goals are impressive. At least to me:

  1. Working on leg and arm strength, including my shoulders, because like most people who have breathing problems, they tend to round forward, which isn’t how they should be. So we’re going to attempt to fix that so I can do things like, you know, zip up a dress without needed assistance. 🙂
  2. Running.

Yes, people. Running. Or, “jogging”, as my PT says. “Running” may be too grand a word for it. But we are going to attempt to run/jog for an extended period of time without stopping to walk.


I can’t believe I am voluntarily suggesting these things. But I am!

I’m either losing my mind or becoming my brother.

One of the two.


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