Daybook No. 66

Outside my window::

It looks like it’s going to rain, but then again, the sky’s been wishy-washy all day, so we’ll see what happens. I wouldn’t mind some rain.


Jeans and my Design-A-Tee from Downtown Disney, with the Three Good Fairies on it. I got a compliment on it at Target, so score one for the t-shirt.

Disney tee

Disney tee

I had rehab this morning, so I wore the shirt to rehab and errand running afterwards. Since Dress Rehearsals for the musical start tonight, I had to run to Target to get some protein bars and face wipes for my bag.


Yup, Tech Week is upon us, and tonight is first dress. That’s always so exciting, and so many of the kids look absolutely adorable.

All of my kids have named themselves. I have an Isabella, an Eliza, and….a Nicodemus. (Don’t ask). I named myself Violet. At rehearsal on Saturday the music director was talking about the importance of creating a backstory for your character, and the kids ran with it. They’re so much fun.  (And yes, Violet has a back story. I even made a family tree for us.)

We open on Friday! If you’re local, you can get tickets here. We run for two weeks!



Had a great pulm rehab session today. The clinic finally got a new, awesome exercise bike, and I’m doing pilates and other things like that with my OT, whom I’ve worked with before, and really like.  No, there was no running today. We’ll get there, people.

(Also, according to my fitbit, I walk 2.5 miles during the show. That’s not bad!)


In the CD player::

Music Man, of course. 



Caleb’s Crossing; Scott Hahn’s new book about Evangelical Catholicism (I’m blanking on the actual title).


 Medical stuff:

Sinus surgery and correcting the deviated septum in August. Also, I need an ultrasound of my thyroid, because it’s a bit big. It’s probably nothing major (this has happened to me before), but better safe than sorry, and it’s an ultrasound. It’s not like it’s something hard.



My 9 year transplant anniversary is on Friday. Yeah. That’s exciting.

Plans for the week:

The show, the show, the show, the show….also rehab….and the show. 🙂


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