Seven Quick Takes No. 54




Today is a big day (“Today’s a very big day, Pascal!”)

Me and Pascal

Me and Pascal

Today is my nine-year transplant anniversary.

Nine years ago I was on an operating table at the Resort getting new organs put it. It was a twelve-hour surgery which started around 7/7:30 AM (I think), so we were just in the beginning stages at this point. My new lungs probably hadn’t shown up yet! They came from Minnesota, and one surgeon started the operation while my actual transplant surgeon took over the scalpel once he arrived via Lear Jet with my new organs.

My donor was a 52 year old woman named Suzanne who died of a brain aneurysm. Her brother made the decision to donate her organs, and I am alive because of them. I am going to go onstage in a few hours and do a show because of her, and I am only alive today because of her.

I never met her. But she saved my life.

(If you’re not an organ donor, consider it?  sign up here?)


Because of my organ donor, here are just a few things I’ve gotten to do:

* See my sister graduate from college

*Go to Chicago, New York, Houston, Walt Disney World, the Outer Banks

* Be in wonderful stage productions like Oliver!, And Then There Were None, Les Miserables, Jekyll & Hyde, Ragtime, The House of Bernarda Alba, The Music Man, The Importance of Being Earnest.


*Audition for Jeopardy!

*see my godson grow up

*become an opera buff 🙂

* Write

*spend time with my family and friends

*Meet people I never would have met

*Taught CCD

*Joined the Dominicans! (Life promises this December!)


Living to 23 is OK. I mean, I graduated from college and I had some good times. But the nine years after have been priceless. And Suzanne gave those to me.


To celebrate, tonight is the opening of The Music Man. No, that’s not on purpose, but it’ll be great to do this show with old and new friends (Tiff is in the pit), and people I love in the audience. The show runs for two weekends, so if you miss tonight, you have five more chances to see it. But tonight’s gonna be pretty awesome, not gonna lie.


I did spend a night in the resort this week. (If you’re new here, resort is my slang for Children’s) I was having some chest pain when I went into rehab on Wednesday so we thought I should get it checked out, which led to ER visit, and then night of observation. But the heart is fine, the lungs are fine, everything’s fine, so they threw me out yesterday–just in time for opening night. 🙂


This is a great cast and crew. I’m having so much fun with them, and everyone is super-nice and dedicated to the show. I think we do a better job than the movie, in my unbiased opinion. 🙂 We’re a lot funnier, for starters.


I’ll try to post pictures later, but basically, it’s a great day when I get to do theater. Hope to see you at the show!


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