Yarn Along No. 6


It’s baaaaack!

So Sarah, my lovely crafty friend, taught me a better way to cast on, and I love it, so I’m back to knitting. Since I’ve been away from it for a long time, I decided to start up again with basic projects and reacquaint myself with my needles, yarn, and stitches. I have several projects queued up, but I’m taking my time with these.

So, the project I’m currently working on is a washcloth in garter stitch. I made a washcloth in stockinette stitch a while back, and I really liked it, so I decided that making another in garter stitch would be a great way to go back to knitting basics.


The needles are sunstruck straight needles from Knitpicks, size 6, and the yarn is Knitpick’s comfy sport in white. I’ve also used fairy tale (in this same type of yarn).

There is, of course, a mistake. Sigh. There always is, apparently. But that’s OK, this is just for me, and it’s a “practice” project, basically, with practical applications. So it’s OK. (Really, brain. It’s OK.)

Let’s talk about the yarn bowl, OK?

I love this! I got this beauty at the Inn at Cedar Falls gift shop last weekend, during a trip to Hocking Hills with my friends. Basically, a yarn bowl holds the yarn for you and spins it in the bowl, so you don’t have to worry about your yarn falling all over the floor or getting messy while you’re knitting. You can also feed your needles through the smaller hole when you’re not working on the project so they don’t run away. A lot of yarn bowls that I’d seen are expensive ($50-70 expensive) but this one was a very reasonable $25 and was made by a local artist. They had another at the store, and one of the owners told me she can’t keep them on the shelves, so if you’re in the area, go down and grab one!

The book I’m reading is St. Teresa of Avila’s The Way of Perfection. I’ve read The Interior Castle several times before but never this one, and it’s been in my “to read” pile for awhile. Before I went on vacation last weekend I had an intense desire to read her, so I grabbed this book and added it to my bag. I’m about half way through and I’m really enjoying it.



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