Daybook No. 69

Outside my window::

Cloudy, warm–upper 80s today. So you know, summer. 🙂


Jeans, a grey v-neck t-shirt, and a silver necklace with a small pearl and starfish charm.


Amazing Grace; The Way of Perfection; 1000 Gifts (re-read); Pride and Prejudice (also re-read)

In the CD player::

The Juno soundtrack.

Around the house::

The usual–mopping, dusting, cleaning. The first floor is looking pretty good, but my bedroom and the book room need work.

This week’s Bible verse:

“Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes and see that the fields are white for the harvest.” –John 4: 36 (join us in memorizing Scripture?)


I finished my first perfect washcloth, and it’s a gift to someone, I’ve decided. Now I’m starting another, in the same gorgeous pink color. More on that tomorrow.

Writing….not much to do, actually! The first draft is marinating. 🙂


The new CCD year stars in a little more than a month! What things do we want to do this year? What do we want to change? How will we decorate our classroom? (I have some posters, so we’re set there!)


Rehab tomorrow and Friday. I missed Monday because I had a migraine. Between my sinuses and the bionic ear, some days the head is not awesome. Can’t wait to get the sinuses dealt with next week!!

Plans for the week::

The transplant recipients at Children’s have been invited to a Columbus Crew game on Saturday (they’re our MLS team), so I’m going to that. Rehab W and F, and not much else on the calendar for this week, anyway.





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