Daybook No. 70

Outside my window::


jeans, a grey henley top, gold hoop earrings, boat shoes.


The Way of Perfection, The Joy Luck Club, Insurgent, Outlander (yes, AGAIN).

In the CD player::

The Juno soundtrack.

Health stuff:

Health stuff is at the fore this week. I’m having surgery on Thursday, so yesterday I went to transplant clinic to get checked out and have pre-surgical bloodwork, etc. done. I am happy to report that my PFTs went up two points, which means they’ve gone up FOUR points in the last two visits, so YES! Everyone is very pleased there.

Today was cardiology clinic, and they cleared me for surgery as well. Yay!

Tomorrow I have pulm rehab, as usual, and then surgery on Thursday.

The only snafu I’ve encountered so far is with my thyroid–there’s a benign mass on it, but it’s gotten a bit bigger. So my doctors are sending me over to OSU’s Endocrinology to see if they have any suggestions/ideas/thoughts on this bugger. We’re not too worried about it.


As I mentioned, rehab tomorrow. I’ve lost three pounds in the last three weeks. Yay! Pondering a new yoga class schedule and if I should add ballet to the mix as well.


There will be a yarn along tomorrow–the last of the garter stitch washcloths before I cast on for the stockinette stitch ones. And more on knitting, in general.

Writing: adding a few things here and there to the FIRST DRAFT, as I remember them.

The rest of the week:

Tomorrow night, dinner at the Best Italian Place in Town, and Thursday, surgery. Which means the rest of the week will be pretty down low. 🙂






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