Yarn Along No. 8


Back again….and it’s almost the same project!


I know, I know. You want to see me make something fun. But I’m practicing on these guys, and I can always use more pretty washcloths! This color is Peony. 

This yarn is amazingly soft and springy–I highly recommend it. Needles are the same–size 6 sunstruck needles. 

(Just so you know, there is hope: after this washcloth, I’m moving on to a stockinette stitch pattern, then basket weave, because I want to tackle a basket weave scarf–so I’m slowly working up to more interesting things!) 

As for the book, it’s Pride and Prejudice. Yeah, I’m woefully behind in this year’s Jane re-read, but there’s surgery tomorrow so I’ll have a few days of nothing BUT reading. 🙂 This is the Penguin “drop caps” edition, so it’s fancy. It was my 9 year anniversary gift to myself. 🙂 





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