Surgery recap

I’m back!
Surgery was successful; my doctor said there was lots of pus and other gross stuff in my sinuses, so I’m glad it’s gone! My septum was also fixed and we took out the splints from that this morning, but I can’t blow my nose for three days, to prevent destroying his work. The only rough part was the pain afterwards. I’ve had lots of painful things, like pancreatitis 8 times, but this was almost a ten. I felt like my head was being slammed against concrete. But we dealt with that with magic meds!
So that’s all fine and I’m on the road to bring back to 100%!


One thought on “Surgery recap

  1. Praise God~You have been in my thoughts and prayers.I was diagnosed with stomach cancer 4 yrs ago and had 80% of my stomach removed-I hit 10 on the scale. I hate that pain scale. I admire your strength and joy and the Trust you have in Jesus. I seem to be slipping in that area. How do you do it? I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless, Tami

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