Notes from the OR

The last post was a bit fast, even by my standards, and sort of disjointed, since I was on meds. 🙂 And I’m still on meds, but I thought I’d share some thoughts, anyway, because I’m a good blogger like that!

  • I do not understand why people bring 8, 10, 12 people to surgery with their child, especially when only two adults are allowed back with said child. The other people will be very bored and take up all the chairs in the waiting room for people who are actually having surgery. Why do people do this? It’s not like this is a day at Sea World. It’s not that entertaining.
  • Why are hospital pants designed for people who haven’t hit puberty? I was glad I couldn’t wear them, because if you have hips, they will not ever fit you. It’s amazingly inadequate. 
  • What else is amazingly inadequate–the lines on the forms for “prior surgeries” and “current medications.” Four lines for each? Really? No. I need a lot more than four teeny lines. 
  • I had great nurses and a great anesthesiologist this time. I was super blessed, especially with the anesthesiologist. If I don’t get good vibes from that person, I am nervous going into surgery, but this one was divine. She was very methodical, laughed at my jokes, and  explained everything perfectly. She was also great at authorizing pain and nausea meds after surgery, which was really important, since I came to while I was vomiting up bits of blood and bile (LOVELY), and I felt like my head was being slammed into concrete. So go doctor!
  • The nurses was great at answering questions and administering meds. 
  • This time, I had a “scented” mask in the OR. I’ve never had one before, but since it’s a kids’ hospital, might as well take advantage, right? I chose bubble gum, and it was indeed bubble gum-y. The oxygen that comes through the mask is thick and warm, so I think that’s why I don’t like it, but I was out pretty quickly after my doctor began pushing the happy meds. (She called them the “sleepy meds”, and sounded just like Jen Arnold, the doctor on The Little Couple, which I loved, because it meant I could understand her pretty easily, since we watch a lot of that show.)
  • Around 3ish I really came to and had some oral pain/nausea meds, and was released around 4:45. I had cereal for dinner and then read a bit on the couch, took more pain meds at 730, and went to bed really early. Pain meds tend to wake me up when they’ve “expired” (hit the four hour mark, meaning I can have more), so I was up a bit during the night to take meds, read a little on my iPad, and then float back to sleep. 
  • Last night the nausea was back, so I took some of those meds that I have here (I’m back home) and thus I slept until about 11 AM today, but that’s OK. The only thing I really had to do was wash my hair, which I did, and I also finished The Way of Perfection and started The Kitchen House, which I’m really enjoying. I also have The Joy Luck Club, Swann’s Way, Pride and Predjuice, and Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul in my pile over here. 
  • Since it’s Outlander night (YAY!), I’ll be up until that’s over but then I’ll be getting myself to bed. 
  • My throat is super sore, from the tube and the draining of stuff from my sinuses (and I can’t blow my nose until tomorrow, ugh!), so tea/coffee are my friend, as is ice cream. 
  • You don’t realize how much you NEED to blow your nose until you…can’t. Man I’m going to be happy tomorrow!

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