Yarn Along No. 9


If it’s Wednesday, it’s Yarn Along Day! (AKA, the posts my dad doesn’t read, because he doesn’t know or care about yarn! hahah!)

So last week’s project is juuuuust about finished. Surgery impaired my ability to knit for awhile. πŸ™‚ But while watchingΒ Outlander again (thank goodness for DVRs!) I did a lot of catch-up, if you will. WatchingΒ OutlanderΒ makes me want to knit; anyone else notice this?

Anyway, next week I’ll have–hopefully–stockinette stitch to show you.


The book isΒ St. Teresa of Avila: Progress of a Soul, and I’m really liking it so far. I’ve read things that the saint wrote, but nothingΒ aboutΒ her life (I haven’t read her autobiography yet). It’s nice to get the fresh perspective of an outsider, because sometimes if it’s written by a family member or close friend, it can be too much hagiography and not about the saint asΒ person.Β 



One thought on “Yarn Along No. 9

  1. St. Teresa de Avila! I read some of her stuff in my upper level Spanish classes in college. When I did my semester abroad in Spain, some friends and I ended up in Avila on the Saint’s Day.
    I hope you enjoy the book.
    ~Amey (from the Yarn Along)

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