Beach Vacation: Shrimp boil and skillet cornbread

One of my favorite meals when I need a beach vacation and I can’t leave Ohio.

Emily's Midwest Kitchen

One of my favorite vacation destinations is North Carolina’s Outer Banks. I’ve only been there twice, but every time it’s a week of heaven–swimming, reading, shopping at my favorite Independent bookstore, and eating amazing food.

Sadly, I live in Ohio, and I can’t get to the Outer Banks whenever I want.  So I love to cook this meal, taken from Elizabeth Wiegand’s Outer Banks Cookbook, when I need an OBX taste in my kitchen.

These are two recipes: first, for the shrimp boil, and then the cornbread, because who doesn’t love a good cornbread, right?

Shrimp And Beer Shrimp Boil

adapted from Elizabeth Wiegand’s Outer Banks Cookbook

2 lbs. shrimp, preferrably unpeeled (but sometimes you can only find it in the “peeled” state. That’s OK.)

1 12 oz beer, any kind, as long as it’s not lite beer

1 c. water

1 medium onion, sliced

1 lemon, sliced


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