Seven Quick Takes No. 55




Long time no Quick Takes! Wow! I know you’re all thrilled to see this back, right? 🙂


"John the Baptist in the Prison", Juan Fernandez de Navarette

“John the Baptist in the Prison”, Juan Fernandez de Navarette

So today’s Feast in the Church Calendar is the Beheading of John the Baptist. Happy, huh? Usually the Church celebrates the day a person died, as opposed to the day a person’s born, but John the Baptist gets both. (His birthday is June 24, by the way). Only John the Baptist, Mary (September 8) and Jesus (of course) get their birthdays observed in the official calendar, as well as the day they died (or in Mary’s case, was Assumed). So while this isn’t the most, er, festive feast, it’s a point of theological coolness.


 So that Yarn Along post I did yesterday? Yeah, I started working on the piece some more while I caught up on Once Upon A Time, made big mistakes, and had to rip the whole thing out and start again. Sigh. It’s very much two steps forward, three steps back in my knitting. I was purling all wrong. So back to the book today to make sure I’m doing it correctly this time.


In rehab–still working on running. I’m at 58 seconds of running without stopping, which is good–gotta break that minute mark next week. I’ve also lost another pound which makes me exceedingly happy.


Reading: Kristin Lavransdatter Vol. I “The Wreath”; The Happiness Project (again); Summa of the Summa. I also have The Artist’s Way and the workbook, which I’m excited to start next week!


Speaking of writing–the beta readers still have the book, but I’m working on making an outline and making sure the order is what I want. I might toy with some new sections over the weekend.


You want to know how it’s fall in Ohio? (Or almost) The reappearance of all the Scarlet and Grey shirts everyone seems to have, in various incarnations. They have appeared all of a sudden, because OSU plays Navy tomorrow. So, it’s fall, for all intents and purposes, in the OH.


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