Seven Quick Takes No. 56





There is no such thing as a dull week at Emily’s house. Really, there’s not. There were good things this week and not good things.


Good things: A new show! PCT needs more people in the chorus for Hello, Dolly! (their fall production) so I volunteered and my first rehearsal is tonight. I’m really excited about this. It’s a show I’m not that familiar with, so I’ll have to spend a lot of time with the music at first, so I make sure I have it down. Normally when I do a show I’ve been doing prep even before the audition, getting familiar with the music and such, but I didn’t do that here, because I wasn’t planning on doing Dolly. But hey, unexpected things can be good!


They can also be…not good. On Wednesday I was hit with vomiting, nausea, intense abdominal pain, all of which led to a trip to the Resort’s ER. I was kept overnight for observation and to get the pain and nausea under control, which happened. (Thankfully!) I had great nurses on the floor and all in all it was fairly uneventful once by body started behaving again. My liver enzymes were slightly elevated, so I’ve started another drug to fix that–whether or not it’s a long-term thing, I don’t know. But no big deal.


Since I was in the hospital on Wednesday, no yarn along. I need to get back to my washcloth, which I have now started three times. But I think the third time is, indeed, the charm. I hope so, anyway, because I do not want to rip it out again!


CD I’m listening to is Joyce DiDonato’s Stella di Napoli–bel canto opera arias. Mmm. Good stuff indeed. You really can’t go wrong with Joyce.


Today’s First Friday so I’m heading to Mass and then setting up my CCD classroom for the year. CCD starts on Sunday. I am excited and nervous, but mostly excited, because I love teaching, and I love little kids. It’s a good combination. I’ve also missed my co-catechist a lot and can’t wait to be back teaching with her every week.


One thing I’ve started this week is the practice of Morning Pages. Elizabeth F. talks about this a lot, and I’ve tried to write three pages every morning. It’s part of the Artist Way exercises, so if you’ve read that book, you’re familiar with them. They’re usually “wild brain” exercises, like you do in writing classes–you write whatever comes to mind, even if it’s “I hate this, I’m tired, I need coffee” for a certain amount of pages or minutes. (My teacher used to do 10 minutes in class sometimes.) I have a notebook for these, and I don’t re-read what I write, or worry about my handwriting. So far it’s been a decent exercise, but man, it can be hard to write three handwritten pages before I do anything else in the morning. My brain is screaming at me to get stuff done–not realizing that in the writing, stuff is getting done.


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