Seven Quick Takes No. 57




OK, I’m just going to be honest here. I don’t feel like writing today. There really isn’t anything going on and I just want to veg out in front of my couch with the DVR playing catch up. However: to make habits, you have to do the work. So writing is my work, and I have to do it even when I might not “want” to.


So fitness. Let’s start there. I’ve lost another pound this week, which brings my losing streak to about a month now, which is pretty great. I’m very happy about this. I talked to the dietician today and she would like to see me lose another 8 pounds (that’s keeping with my pound a week) before my clinic visit on Nov. 10. I think I can do that, and that would be a big chunk of my weight loss goal.

I’m working on M-W, and Fri-Sat. Sunday and Thursday are my off days. Next week is my last week of official rehab so then my work outs will take place entirely in the local gym, five times a week.

Five times a week. I never thought I’d be exercising five times a week. But I am. That’s sort of crazy.


Another thing that’s crazy? I haven’t had pasta in ages. I used to eat it at least twice a week. I’m Italian! But now it’s definitely in the special occasion  category (because there is no life without carbonara, people). The change to more protein in my diet has been a good thing.


And…writing. It’s fall, which means NaNoWriMo is happening soon. I think I have an idea for this year’s novel, and October is the month I use for planning purposes, which is great. But I haven’t done a lot of writing since I sent my manuscript (ms, in writer-speak) to my beta readers. That is pretty on hold until I get feedback, which will give me direction that I need for how to move forward in the second draft edits.


My friend Cristina talked about her writing schedule today on her blog. I really need something like that. There’s a lot of things I need to integrate into a schedule right now: The writing, the housekeeping, the fitness. There’s a lot happening there. And as much as I want to have everything done at one time, I realize that I can’t do that. I can only add habits one at a time. So the morning pages–working on adding that, and that’s clearly in the writing category. The five days a week of workout–we’re adding that. It’s incremental pieces, I think.


No rehearsal for Dolly this weekend, which is fun, but I will be rehearsing on my own, because this music is tricky, and I need to have it down.


And, of course, CCD is back. This week is our first real week of class, and we’ll be talking about God the Father and prayer.




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