Things I think about Part II: The Catholic Edition

OK, Catholics, listen up:

  1. You do not leave before Mass is over. That means the hymn is done. The only possible exception to this rule is if the choir is obliviously singing all 14 verses of O Sons and Daughters. Then you’re forgiven (unless it’s Easter Sunday, then you’re not). People. DO NOT DO THIS. The first person to leave the Last Supper? Yeah. Not good.
  2. Corollary: You do not get to leave after communion! Geez Louise, would it kill you to go back and pray?!?!??! The Mass I was at tonight was about half empty after communion (not lying), and 95% empty before the hymn was finished.
  3. You do not dress for Mass like you are going to Skull Session. For those of you not from OSU-lumbus, that’s this:
    It's all scarlet and grey sportswear. And jeans. (I'm not talking 'bout the band.)

    It’s all scarlet and gray sportswear. And jeans. (I’m not talking ’bout the band.)

    This is NOT appropriate for Mass. Now, yes, I’ve gone to Mass in jeans, but it’s really rare that I do that. When Saturday night Masses look like the above photo every week, in and out of football season, there’s a problem. Could we please dress somewhat nicely for Mass? Pleeeeaaaaassseeee?

  4. And please genuflect? PLEASE? Do not just schlump into a pew! ( And yes, this is true even in a church where the Eucharist is somewhere else. Genuflect to the Eucharist and then go into your seat! (Or do a profound bow. As in, not something that looks sloppy and half-a**ed.)
  5. Do not schlump back after receiving communion! You just received Jesus Christ! Show some respect, please! I tell my CCD kids that I never want to see sloppy hands or slouchy posture when they go to communion and when they come back. You have just received God, body, blood, soul, and divinity into yourself. That should mean something.

I’m sorry. I had to get that all out. Whew.

If you’re not Catholic, you can ignore this. 🙂


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