Seven Quick Take Friday No. 59



Well, I guess it’s Officially Winter in Ohio. We had the first snow of the season yesterday. Nothing stuck (unlike near Cleveland, where they got inches of lake effect), so it was the snow I like. The kind that doesn’t stick. 😛 But it is definitely heavy coat season and “find my gloves” season now.


We’ve had radio silence over here (except for my Interstellar review), mostly because of NaNoWriMo. I’m about halfway to the 50K word goal. This novel has been hard, pacing wise–there’s a big, seminal event that sets off the big things in my novel and I’m not sure when to make that event happen. I’m trying to time it right. This is a novel that would HAVE to be more than 50,000 words, because there’s a lot I have planned in my head. It’s just a question of getting it down in the document. (NaNo novels can be over 50K–50K is the minimum word count to “win”.)


I’ve started Christmas shopping–I’m actually almost done for my parents–but now I have to wrap the gifts. Yeah, I’m not so great at wrapping….but at least I have pretty paper! And then there’s people who haven’t told me what they want yet. Sometimes I try to get something on my own, and some people I like to be told what to get them. I also have to start writing out the Christmas cards. They’re bought, but I haven’t started writing them out at all.


I have, however, done my Advent prep. 🙂 I bought new Advent candles for the wreath yesterday and I’ve got my Advent books all prepared. That’s going to be a post next week, I promise, because I love my Advent books and I try to share them with lots of people. 🙂


I am SO EXCITED about the Edel Gathering! I’ve already booked the room in Charleston, and tickets go on sale next week. Will I see you there?


When do you put your tree up? I generally put mine up the Day of the OSU/Michigan game, because that’s usually the week before Thanksgiving. I know some people who have it up NOW, and my mom usually puts it up after Thanksgiving. When I was a kid, we put it up the first weekend in December, the same weekend as the parish bazaar. Now it’s sort of whenever mom and dad want to, since none of us live at home anymore. 🙂


Reading: Traveling to Infinity by Jane Hawking, which is the basis for the new movie The Theory of Everything, which I cannot WAIIIIITTTT to see!!!! Between this book and Interstellar I’ve been thinking a lot about space this week!


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