Daybook No. 80

Outside my window::

Well, no snow. 🙂 In fact it’s really sunny and windy. Yesterday we had crazy winds–I was expecting Dorothy’s house to come flying by any second–but they appear to have calmed down now.


jeans and a v-neck t-shirt.


I’m re-reading my Dear America books, because sometimes I like me some kid lit. I have a bunch of “adult” novels I should be reading, but I’m not, because they haven’t really hooked me yet. I’m going to give them another go today.

I will have a post on Advent books up either today or tomorrow!

In the CD player::

Christmas music. Well, Christmas/Advent music. I have a CD of Advent hymns (it’s this one), and I consider Messiah to be Advent music, so there’s that. But the CD that’s in now is a Christmas compilation CD of classical musicians singing Christmas songs. I have a lot of Christmas CDs lined up in the car.


Back in the gym habit. Yay! I’ve been feeling really good, too, when I’ve been working out. Yesterday I hit the free weights for the first time in like a month, and my arms complained, but too bad. 🙂


Well, my NaNo novel stalled. I’m not terribly surprised. The subject requires a lot of research, I’m coming to find, and it’s not the sort of thing that can be rushed out. I need to develop some characters more carefully before I write them. This is probably the hardest novel I’ve attempted so far. I’m not saying I’ll forget it forever, because I won’t–but it’s not going to be done by the end of this month. (By “done”, I mean first draft done. Not done done.) That’s OK.

Around the house/Holiday prep::

Just the usual. Thanksgiving is at my parents’ house, as usual, so I don’t have to do any crazy holiday cleaning. 🙂 My creche is up, and I’ll probably bring the Advent wreath up today, and possibly a box of ornaments. My tree preparations are elaborate. I have a ton of ornaments and other decorations, and if it’s just me, it can be a real slog to go up and down the stairs bringing up boxes, so this year I’ve decided to do it in pieces. I usually put my tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I wish I could put up outdoor lights, but my house doesn’t have an outdoor outlet, so I don’t/can’t. My neighbors do, but they run an extension cord up through an open second floor window, which stays propped open a bit all season, which would be cold. So I don’t go that route.

From the kitchen::

I’m sort of “Off” cooking at the moment. Not sure why. But I’m planning a winter minestrone for dinner tonight. I think because it’s Thanksgiving week and I know there’s a big meal coming, I’m anticipating it. 🙂


Gratitude. This year has been big for that. I’ve counted more than 1000 gifts. I’ve learned–or just started to learn, really–how to  really trust God and to depend on Him for everything. This year has been crazy. There’s been  lot of ups and downs. But I’m grateful because they taught me how to trust God and to take everything to Him. I sort of knew that before, but I really know it now. Counting 1000+ gifts makes you see everything is gift. It really is. There’s so much of it, all around us, that we can remember and give thanks for everyday, not just on Thanksgiving.

Being Joyful Grateful


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