Daybook No. 81

Outside my window::

Cloudy, but warmish, which is good, because my brother and I are going to the Zoo tonight (more on that in a bit), so I don’t mind it being about 40 degrees!  Yay!


Oh, my Advent book pile is HUGE: Come, Lord Jesus; The Greatest Gift; Advent and Christmas Meditations with St. John Paul II. All of those are part of my Advent daily devotionals.  As far as non-Advent books, I’m re-reading One Thousand Gifts.

In the CD Player::

Loreena McKennit, A Midwinter Night’s DreamReally, people, if you don’t have this, get it, because it’s amazing. Also, the Mockingjay Score, because I love it, and I love Jennifer Lawrence singing on it.

Around the House:
Holy moly, was I busy yesterday. I took out bags of trash, swept the kitchen floor, dusted, vacuumed, worked on my clothes-to-donate pile and books-to-sell pile. AND I wrote out all the Christmas cards. These cards are going to Seattle, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, all over Ohio, Texas, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, and lots of places in-between. I love writing out Christmas cards and updating my address book entries with the sweet babies that were born in 2014, and the new homes people have. So many babies were born in 2014!

Plans for the week::

Tonight my brother has graciously agreed to come with me to Lifeline of Ohio’s Ambassador Appreciation Dinner. This year it’s being held at the Columbus Zoo, which is in the middle of Wildlights. Lifeline of Ohio is central Ohio’s Organ Procurement Agency–they promote organ and tissue donation and are responsible for actually procuring organs and things like that. They are awesome folks, and I’ve worked with them since basically right after my transplant in 2005. (I was even one of the “faces” of their PR campaign in 2006….yes, I was a model. Hahaha.) So tonight we have dinner and celebrate the work we did over the past year, and the awesomeness of organ donation, generally.

Wednesday I’ll be going to the third night of my parish’s Advent Mission. It started last night, with a talk on angels and saints, and was amazing. The priest giving the mission actually led a silent retreat I went on a few years ago, so I’m familiar with his awesomeness. The fact that he’s a Dominican makes it even more awesome.

Thursday it’s Port Access Day–whee!–and dinner with my parents, and then the final night of the Advent Mission.

Friday is Christmas Gift Exchange with Tiffany, and Saturday is rehearsal for life promises! Yes! More on that later this week, I think. It deserves its own post. But in short: I will be making life promises to the Dominican Order on December 14. I am super-excited.

Sunday CCD. We’re going to talk about the birth of Jesus and the Wise Men and show a video. We only have two classes in December and then we’re off the rest of the month.


OK, this is just awesome: Harvard Valedictorian enters the Ann Arbor Dominicans.Win!

And this:


This is really good to remember all the time. Don’t let this season get so stressful and hurried that you forget about the reason for it.


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