Catholics on TV: “The Sisterhood”, Ep. 3

Yes, it’s Tuesday night…. ūüôā

  • We’re half-way through the run of “The Sisterhood.” Only three more eps to go!
  • We start with Day 15: Their last day with the Carmelites.
  • Mother Mark has “a little chat” with the girls. She tells them she’s going to the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence in Chicago.
  • Francesca’s freaking because it’s “so far away.” Um…’s not India, hon. It’s Chicago.
  • (I can’t believe Eseni still has the nails….)
  • Mother Mark gives the phones back, but this won’t last too long, because they’ll have to hand them in when they get to Chicago. (At least I’m pretty sure they will.)
  • We try to have fun together, because that’s part of life too–Mother Mark. Amen.
  • Look like the girls got some sot of parting gifts, in purple gift bags. That was sweet.
  • Francesca is crying.
  • The girls all had their phones back out almost immediately upon getting in the van, except for Christie and Claire.
  • They’re in Chicago, still in the same uniforms.
  • Eseni talks about how she felt connected to Sr. Marie Therese, which is good, but that she feels nervous about the new group of sisters.
  • Annnnd Eseni calls her boyfriend. Sigh. Not the best idea. There are tears and hugs from the girls.
  • The¬†sister is waiting….and praying a rosary, it sounds like.
  • Francesca and Eseni are like buddy-buddy. This doesn’t surprise me that much.
  • Someone took the Lord’s name in vain¬†in¬†front of a sister?!?!?!?
  • This is Sr. Beth Ann. Their habit is a gray dress with matching veil, white border around the veil, and a white collar.
  • I really like Sr. Beth Ann. She seems very friendly and forward. “He’s got a plan for each one of us,” she says. “Well, I want you to do something every day for 10 minutes. Sit in the chapel and let Jesus love your heart.” This is what Bl. Mother Teresa told Sr. Beth Ann when she was younger. FREAKING WIN.
  • Christie is really liking that. She’s tearing up. It’s nice.
  • “This is urban Chicago,” Sr. Beth Ann says. “It’s really kind of tough.” The convent is enclosed by metal gates.¬†Eseni is sort of freaking about the gates.¬†“The gate is more of a security issue,” Sister says. They have clients who could wander off, so it’s designed to keep them in.
  • They seem very friendly and huggy. I like that.
  • The order was founded in 1881 in North Italy by St. Louis Guanella. He was an Italian priest who wanted to start a house where people would work with special needs populations–the poor, etc. “Whenever there’s a need, there we go.”
  • I think Christie really likes this order. She keeps smiling.
  • “Holy souls find that common bond with one another in Christ.”
  • The girls are in more of a dorm, as opposed to what they had in Germantown. Francesca doesn’t like it. (They all have their own rooms, but it’s not quite as “hotel-ish” as Germantown was. Those rooms were pretty nice. When I stayed with Nashville Dominicans for a weekend retreat, we had rooms that the sisters had when they came home for the summer and other times of the year; there’s one huge room that has beds partitioned off by curtains, and then separate “cells”, which is what I had. Each room had a twin-size bed, a small bookshelf, a desk, a nightstand with a lamp, and a closet.)
  • And the phones are coming back. ūüôā Yup!
  • Francesca is¬†freaking out again. Wow, she really needs to GET A FREAKING GRIP and grow up. “You can’t talk to your family when you’re scared!” she moans.
  • Christie says she’s excited to have this time to focus on Jesus. Yay, Christie!
  • In the Heritage Room, they learn about the history of the order.¬†Sister showed them a hair shirt (A cilice) that people used to wear for part of self-mortification. Sister says they don’t wear them anymore, but Francesca is still freaking out.
  • Christie is growing on me. I gotta say. Francesca is freaked out by the hair shirt, and by a first class relic.¬†Ooooookay. I mean, this is basic Catholic 101 stuff here.
  • Eseni is a bit anxious so she wakes up in the middle of the night, and she says she needs to speak to Darnell (AKA, the boyfriend). “Two weeks of this is bugging me out,” she says. So the producers called him to make sure he was “fine.” OK.
  • There is a bell to wake the girls up, and sister comes in each room to get them up at 6:30.
  • They are going downtown to work with the poor. Francesca is (again) freaking out.¬†Eseni is also wearing a bright lip gloss.
  • “It doesn’t make any sense to be a sister if she’s not got her head with us,” Sister Beth Ann says re: Eseni. I agree.
  • Francesca is freaking out again. Like, really freaking out, because she might be touched by a homeless person. Really? They’re not¬†dragons, here.
  • Claire seems to like Sister Beth Ann. Sister calls her habit the “armor of Christ.” Love¬†that.¬†
  • Sister is a real natural with the people she works with.
  • Claire and Christie seem super into this, especially Christie. Stacey exclaims, “I got chills!” (Love it.)
  • Sister doesn’t think Eseni is giving herself a chance.
  • Sister breaks the girls into two “teams”, Francesca, Eseni and Claire together. Claire is really working this. She hugs people and talks to them and treat them like¬†people, like brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s great. This is a great fit for her. Francesca says she’s “super impressed ” at what Claire does.
  • Christie and Stacey and Sr. Beth Ann are walking and “chatting”, mostly about Eseni. Sr. Beth needs some info here. When she found out Eseni had a boyfriend, she sort of closed her face. Sigh. Sister had heard her talking to the producers after night prayer.¬†Sister is concerned; ” we have to pull her back in.” Sr. Beth Ann has excellent intuition.
  • The next day, the girls go to Mass with Sister for some individual prayer time and adoration. (Yay, Adoration!!!)¬†The church is¬†gorgeous. Oh my. I just love it.¬†Christie is drinking up the beauty.
  • They have perpetual adoration, and a life-size of Our Lady Of the New Covenant. It’s a monstrance, which is AWESOME…..I mean I love it.
  • Eseni says she has trouble with adoration because she “doesn’t like the feeling.” Um, that means you need it, hon¬†(Personally, I adore adoration. I just love it.)
  • Claire is kneeling on the floor, Christie prostrates herself before the Sacrament (awesommmmmme). Claire’s not feeling it, but there have been times when I’ve done that in adoration. (When I’m alone, of course.) ¬†Sometimes that’s what you feel you need to do.
  • Francesca also struggles with adoration. She says it’s a “mental battle.” “Trapped in her own body, her own religion, her own”….whatever. And she needs to call her mom. Hon……………
  • “But in times like these, it’s Christ we turn to,” Sister said.¬†Yup.
  • We’re praying¬†too much, Francesca says. Wow. Um, then why do you want to be a sister???????? She says she “hates it.” Well, then, OK. Go home. Geez.
  • Claire is losing patience with Francesca. “This is what I meant when I said drama queen,” she says. And it’s true. That’s what Francesca is.¬†Christie also seems to be losing patience with Francesca.
  • “It’s a sign of immaturity when a person has to constantly call her parent,” Sister says. Yup.
  • Day 18: Today they’re going on a road trip to the South Side to visit a market . They do some begging, Sr. Mercy is the “begging sister”, and she’s small and lovely. This is a new market. “We’re going to trust in God’s providence,” Sister Beth Ann says.
  • Francesca,¬†stop¬†taking the Lord’s name in vain!¬†Holy moly!
  • The men come back with so much stuff! Beans and crates of vegetables…so much stuff. “Our charm can work for us or against us,” Claire says. Evidently it worked for them, here. ūüôā
  • “He’s so willing, God, to give us whatever we need,” Sister Beth Ann says.
  • The girls drive back, and we see…DARNELL! Here in Chicago. Oh my.
  • “They takin’ her phone, I need to speak to my baby, yo,” he says. Wow (I’d be kicking that one to curb….)
  • Stacey: “Oh my gosh, that’s Darnell.”
  • Sister: “Oh my gosh, this guy is here…I wasn’t really pleased…I was getting a little hot and bothered.” AGREE.
  • Eseni is freaking out and hugging and all this jazz.
  • Next time: Eseni wants to come home; Francesca doesn’t know if she can stay if Eseni goes; “Why do I feel like Jesus isn’t enough?”; swimming time!; the girls are given their next assignment.

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