Welcome, 2015


So, how did you ring in 2015?

I was in my parish church at Midnight, listening to one of my friends chant the Te Deum. My church offers a lovely custom of a holy hour at 11 PM, followed by Midnight Mass, and, since I’ve gone to this parish, I’ve made most of these. It’s a very appropriate and calm way to ring in the New Year.

Then I came home and slept like the dead. 🙂

2015. A new year, one I can mess up writing on my checks for a few weeks. (ba dum.) But seriously–what are we going to do in 2015?

Do you make resolutions? I used to. I never kept them. This year I’m using Lara’s Power Sheets to set goals. I used these for the first time last year, and they made a huge difference to me. I love them and enthusiastically suggest using them!

Anyway, here are my five goals for the coming year:

  1. Deepening my relationship with God, because this is the wellspring–everything else in my life flows from Him.
  2. Get the book published! For reasons self-explanable! 🙂
  3. Taking care of myself, body and mind, to be as healthy as possible so I can do everything God wants me to do!
  4. Get my checkbook in order–because really, I’m 32, and I need to be able to do this. 🙂 (Checkbook, financial records, all this jazz,  is included here.)
  5. Have a home that is welcoming, comfortable, encourages hospitality and inspires creativity. I love to entertain but I want to stop freaking out about the state of the house. 🙂 And since I’m going to be doing a lot of “work” at home, I want the house to be conducive to all that, to inspire me and be a comfortable, cozy place for me, my friends, and my family to come to!

Those are the five big goals I’ll be working on over the next six months. It was pretty satisfying to knock out things on my tending list before noon, I gotta tell you.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the word for the year. And the saint of the year. 🙂


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