Seven Quick Takes No. 63




We’re back to this:


Yes, I’m a Hothian. The lows this week were actually in the negative numbers. When I left to meet my dad for lunch today, it was  -1. Oh what joy, oh what rapture! Today the low is supposed to be -2 , but we’re staying clear of negative numbs next week, when it will be absolutely BALMY!


Reading update: Finished Elizabeth of York, which was very good and led me to re-read the King’s Curse and dive back into the Cousins’ War series from Philippa Gregory. This series really made it much easier for me to understand the Wars of the Roses, because if you just read a history book version of it, it can be very, very dry. So bring on the historical fiction! (And then read the 100% official version.) Especially since Richard III’s remains were found a few years ago, this time period is pretty current in British studies at the moment.

The thing I really like about Gregory’s fiction is that she doesn’t make it all bodice-ripper romance novels. She is sympathetic to the character she’s writing about, and gives you lots of perspective, which I enjoy. They’re well-written and well-plotted. Obviously, some of the books I like better than others, but the Cousins’ War series doesn’t have a clunker in the bunch.


I’m hoping to pick up some frames over the weekend and hang some new art around here, because the walls are awfully bare and I’m tired of it! Especially since I’m not allowed to paint here, I need things on the walls for color purposes!


There are a few movies that are just better in Blu-Ray, and Wizard of Oz is one of them. Holy Munchkins, the level of detail you can see is amazing–Glinda’s choker, the colors in Munchkinland, and those slippers really sparkle, peeps. Do yourself a favor and upgrade if you only have the DVD, because this is a lot better.

And also–the amount of detail. Someone had to make all those Munchkinland costumes by hand, people. HAND! And all the hats and accessories! What a job that must have been. Next time you watch the movie, check out the sheer number of Munchkins and give massive props to Adrian for designing all those, and all the people who sewed them!

(And I still want that lollipop that Dorothy gets. That’s the best lollipop ever.)


Speaking of movies: If you haven’t seen Babette’s Feast, you need to do that, too. It will make you hungry. But it’s awesome. (It’s Pope Francis’ favorite movie.)


Back to Oz: I also just noticed how Margaret Hamilton changed her voice for Miss Gulch and the Wicked Witch. Yeah, I’ve been watching this movie for 32 years. Sue me. 😛 That’s pretty impressive that she does it so completely–she never slips–and both of them are different than her speaking voice (although the Witch is closer to her natural voice). It’s hard to maintain an accent like that (for a bad example, see Julianne Moore in A Single Man. UGGGGH. She slips in and out of that British accent like an oily fish.)


I’ve managed to do home workouts every day this week–YAY!–but I have…….I can’t believe it….

missed the gym.

Yeah. Wow.

So I’m doing that later today and tomorrow. Because since it’s about freezing I will attempt to leave the house!


Going to the symphony with my parents on Sunday (as part of my mom and mine’s attempt to Musically Educate Dad 🙂 ). Dvorak’s New World is a big part of the program, along with some shorter works, so it’ll be a great concert!


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