daybook no. 86


Outside my window::

Cloudy, and icy. We had rain, then snow, then rain, then cold….so ice. LOVELY. Glad I don’t have to leave the house today for that.


Own Your LifePrayer, and Day After Night, by Anita Shreve.

In the CD player::

Renee Fleming’s Dark Hope–one of my favorite CDs.


my PJ’s. I’m having a colonoscopy tomorrow, so today is all about, yeah, prep. What joy. So no point in getting really dressed, right? 🙂

Around the house::

I need to start taking the tree down. 😦 SAD FACE. I do love my tree. And I need to sort through the Christmas cards. I generally keep the ones with photos so I have to sort those out. I keep the nativity scene up until Candlemas, the same as my parish Church, because why not. 🙂

Otherwise, it’s just putting things away, general tidying up. No cooking today, so that won’t be a problem. 🙂

From the kitchen::

Nothing today, and nothing tomorrow.

Wednesday: pork chops

Thursday: Chicken Milanese

Friday: Pasta from Cooking with My Sisters, by Adriana Trigiani and her sisters. I have some pasta I want to use up here, and since I’m trying not to eat meat on Fridays, pasta is a good substitute. That or fish.

Saturday lunch: Chicken curry with apples.

Plans for the week::

Colonoscopy tomorrow. Whee! 🙂

Lunch with a friend on Wednesday

Saturday I want to see The Merry Widow at the movie theater. I love the Met’s Live in HD series, and this one has Renee Fleming and Kelli O’Hara, so win! 

And of course the gym, starting on Wednesday….I’ll be able to take my vitamins and all that again, so I can stop shoveling red meat into me to make sure I’m getting my iron quotient, and I’ll be able to really exercise because I think it’s going to be above 0, so I can leave my house! Yay!


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