Yarn Along No. 13

Lucky number 13? 🙂

I have two projects going right now, both of which I talked about last week:


The cowl is still going (of course), and I started knitting up this bookmark last night while I started season 2 of House of Cards. (Thanks to my brother for getting my started on that one. 🙂 ). I like this skein of yarn better than the last one in the sampler pack, and of course I love both sets of needles I have here. Knitpicks does a great job with their needles (the blue ones are Caspian, and the multicolored are Harmony.)

Books: We see here Prayer and Own Your Life, but we don’t see Milk Glass Moon, which is the third book in the Big Stone Gap series (there are four books, total). I’m re-reading those books. Every now and then I get a jones to revisit Adriana Trigiani and the word of Italian Americans in literature. I re-read the Valentine series last week and now I’m on to this one. If you haven’t read her–do it.


11 thoughts on “Yarn Along No. 13

  1. I really like the green-yellow-dark colors of the yarn, it looks beautiful knitted like that 🙂
    today I was doing an exam at university and choose question number 13 -and passed half of the exam – so I guess, it’s lucky number 🙂

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