The Open Guitar Case

You may have noticed the new widget on the sidebar–the “open guitar case”, as I’ve titled it. Basically I stole the idea that if you like a street performer’s work, you toss change/bills into the open guitar case they usually have in front of them (or coffee can or whatever).

I’m dedicating myself almost completely to my writing–here on the blog and on the big projects (editing the memoir and crafting the book proposal; novels and short story writing). So if you enjoy what you read here, and you want more of it, would you ponder tossing in some pennies to the case?

For my part, I will try my best to give you posts and material that is well-written and hopefully interesting to you. I assume you’re reading because you like something here. (Or you’re my family and you’re doing it because you’re family. Hi, Dad!)

There is absolutely no obligation to do so. I’m not going to charge anyone for reading because that’s just not how I roll. I don’t even have cool things to give people who donate, except lots of gratitude (and you get prayers!). Maybe at some point.

The money will go toward helping with medical expenses (I’m not cheap to keep alive), and the occasional bag of coffee and a book. (Can coffee be a medical expense? Maybe, right?)


(PS: I’m also in the process of attempting to make one of my short stories an e-book. So that’s also coming over the horizon.)

Also, I want to give you what you want to read about. So hit me up in the comments with likes and dislikes.


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