Yarn Along No. 14

So today’s yarn along features–the cowl! Again! πŸ™‚

Length of the cowl before yesterday's knitting.

Length of the cowl before yesterday’s knitting.

I actually think I might be nearing the end of it. I bought four balls of this yarn during a yarn sale in 2013, and I wasn’t sure how many I’d need for this project, but IΒ think as I near the end of this ball (the second), I’ll be done with the cowl! Right now it would Β fit pretty well around my neck, but I’m not sure about getting it over my head in one piece.


The pink yarn is for another bookmark. Yes, I know. The macaron sampler kit from Knitpicks has 10 balls of yarn, and I’ve made about four bookmarks so far. So six to go. I like doing these with fingering yarn because it’s a good way to get the feel for the yarn and see how each ball knits up. (Plus, I always need bookmarks!) It’s also great practice for my garter stitch, which I now have much confidence in. πŸ™‚ (I got the macaron sampler kit, and the Harmony needles you see in the ball, as a Christmas gift.)

As far as reading, I’ve started Alexander McCall Smith’s Trains and Lovers: A Novel,Β and I’m almost done with Benedict XVI’sΒ Prayer.Β I’m also diving intoΒ Apollo’s Angels: A History of Balletwhich I’ve had for awhile, and re-readingΒ The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful, which is here under the pink yarn. Whew!

(Also, the little bit of yarn you see on the cowl that’s sticking out a bit? That’s where I joined the balls of yarn. That part will be woven in as part of my finishing.)


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