Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 66



(In case you missed it, here’s what went down here this week: How A Dominican Nuns Prays, How I Pray, Yarn Along, Daybook).


We’re supposed to get more snow on Sunday into Monday. Oh what joy, what rapture! It’s not like what Massachusetts and the rest of NE got, but any snow here is cause for everyone to be all SNOWPOCALYPSE! It’s not that we’re not used to snow. Because we are. Winter in Ohio usually means snow. I think with the 24 hour news cycle, people tend to freak out about it more because we know  about it farther in advance. (Does that make sense?) So we’ll see how this affects Sunday CCD!


 So since it’s winter and that means staying in the house, there’s been a lot of house improvement going on. I’ve been organizing papers and either tossing or filing them, and I’m thinking of ways to place things I use on a daily basis. Right now, those things tend to end up on my kitchen table. Well that’s not the best look, aesthetically or practically, because I also use that as a work space sometimes. So I need to find ways of placing things like my Bibles, my household binders, and things like that, so that the items are accessible but not stacked up on the table! So I’m looking into options in that department.


Some organizational things I like (and no, I don’t get any kickbacks for this, I just love these things): Emily Ley’s Home Base Binder, and I love her magazine boxes, which I use in the Book Room/Official Office. I also love her Simplified Planner, but alas she’s sold out for this year, so no linkage to that. But it’s awesome! Her 2016 ones come out in the summer/fall.


My taxes are done and my refund is coming–Praise Jesus. 🙂 I’m really glad my taxes are easy to do, because I’m math-impaired like that.


Today I’m working on February’s Power Sheets. Guys, if you have goals to set and things you want to do, do yourself a favor and get some more of these when they’re back in stock in March. You will love them. I promise. They are so helpful to me.


The Super Bowl is this weekend. I really don’t care because I don’t like either of these teams. Give me more hockey!


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