Daybook No. 89


Outside my window::

Snow flurries, on and off. It snowed, then rained, yesterday, so the snow isn’t really sticking. But it looks pretty falling!


Jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. It’s a house day so nothing fancy.


Amata Means Beloved, by Sr. Mary Catherine, Cardinal Wuerl’s book about the creed (which was a Christmas gift from this person). Also need to start Our Mutual Friend.


Working on the ending of THE BOOK. Not exactly sure where this is going. I mean, I have an idea, and I’ve started, but I’m not sure how that will play out in actual words. (That makes sense. Right?) I’m also working on the cowl so I’ll have an update for YA this week!

You may have noticed a new widget on the sideboard. I’m a new contributor for Real Housekeeping! Squee! Go check it out. My first piece should be up in March. I think. At the moment, I’m planning on writing about food glorious food.

From the kitchen::

I have every single meal for the entire week planned out. I’m happy with myself, yes? But I won’t bore you with all that. I’ll just give you dinners:

M: Jamie Oliver’s pork stir-fry

T: Curry from Dinner: A Love Story.

W: Chicken Caesar Salad from 30 Minute Meals

Th: Jamie Oliver’s stew

F: Out

Saturday: Rachael Ray’s chili con carne (Saturday and Friday can be flopped, if necessary)

I have to make stew a lot during the winter, for obvious reasons. 🙂 For breakfast this morning I had a cheese omelet that turned out very well, If I Do Say So Myself!

Around the House::

The usual–vacuum, mop, dust, that sort of stuff. Nothing different here.


Why can’t people go anywhere without their music in their ears? Seriously? I saw a guy at the grocery yesterday who was wearing huge Beats headphones while he was grocery shopping. I love music, people, but this is just getting ridiculous. It’s OK to have silence every once in awhile! Really!

Photo love::

The winning trivia night team! I love my church’s trivia night fundraiser. It’s a chance to use all the random factoids that hide out in my brain!

Trivia Night 2015

Trivia Night 2015



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