Yarn Along No. 16

People! We have progress!!



So I’ve been adding to the cowl. I’ve decided it’s going to be more of an infinity scarf since I want to use two balls of yarn and right now I’m at a ball and 1/3, or so. I don’t want a random ball of yarn lying around lonely. So I’ll work this until it’s gone. The part that is under the book is what I’ve done in the past week. There is also that pretty pink bookmark! I love the color–it’s a soft rosy pink, you know those roses that have the “blush” sort of hue? That’s what we have here.

Reading: Our Mutual Friend, which actually has a much more interesting premise than I originally knew (a man is set to inherit a fortune after his father dies. But to get the fortune, he has to marry a certain woman….whom he’s never met. He’s not feeling that. Complications ensue.) I’m only in the introduction thus far. (Yes, I’m a nerd. I read the introductions.)


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