Seven Quick Takes No. 67



So I’ve had a cold essentially all week—-yaaaay! (Not. :-P) So I’m going to make this  a 7QT about books because there’s nothing else going on. 🙂


I’m reading Kip Thorne’s The Science of Interstellar
Seriously, if this is what we would’ve discussed in physical science instead of Mousetrap cars, I would’ve loved physics!

And yes, any discussion of physics requires this:

Anyway, I really liked Interstellar, and this book is crazy well-written. I’m loving it so far.


Second: Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet

Seriously, folks, I’ve had this on my shelf since Borders was in business. (In fact that’s where I bought this book.) But it’s dense. Really dense. It’s one of those books I’m marking up with pencil and post-it flags. It’s good, but man, it’s got a lot going on that appeals to the research side of my brain, from French and British aristocracies to the writing of fairy tales. People. There’s so much here. If you’re at all interested in dance, this seems to be a good book for you. (Although reading it, I’m not sure why it was a ‘national bestseller’. Unless people are doing what I did and buying it and not reading it for years…)


Third: Our Mutual Friend (Oxford World’s Classics)

I actually watched The Invisible Woman yesterday, about Charles Dickens and his affair with actress Ellen Terney, and geez, Charles Dickens was a jerk. I’m sorry, but he just was. (I already thought this, based on Clarie Tomalin’s biography).  He treated both his wife and Nelly (as Ellen was called) badly. He was not good with women. Jerk.

Anyway, Our Mutual Friend is the last novel he completed, and it was a return to the serial form of his earlier days. I loathe the serial form. However, this book’s premise is intriguing (as I wrote about here), and I’m just getting into that part, so I’m sticking with the crazy excessive amounts of characters.


Fourth: Faith That Transforms Us: Reflections on the Creed

Full disclosure: I’m related to the Cardinal. He’s like my fourth cousin or something obscure like that. So I generally like whatever he writes because, hey, he’s family and he could be Pope. (Not likely. But still.) But this book, about the creed, is a good read and I’m using it for my Dominican study.


Fifth: Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.

I keep dipping in and out of this. It’s so good, guys.


And finally…..A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus: Menus and Stories

I fully realize I am that strange person who reads cookbooks like novels. But I also fully realize that this is a freaking AWESOME cookbook and y’all should either buy it or get it from the library ASAP. It’s awesome.


One thought on “Seven Quick Takes No. 67

  1. Hello,
    Thought that I make a comment or two. First, even tho I am a guy(don’t laugh) I love your blog. I find it informative and interesting. Second, I love the fact that you are a Lay Dominican!
    Hope that you are feeling better with that cold. As for the books, I have the Science of the Interstellar( have not yet read it but have read quite a few of good reviews of it), The Faith that Transforms Us is a great book! Have read all of the Cardinal’s books. The Dicken’s book( never heard of it ubtil now and I thought that I knew Dickens!)
    PS. LOVE the Big Bang Theory. Love how they mix the intellectual with the comedy.

    Have a great wkend!
    God Bless

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