Daybook No. 90


Outside my window::

Looks like rain, but that’s OK because my car needs washed! 🙂


A Garnet Hill faux wrap dress. It’s a navy background with navy, turquoise, brown, white, and grey circles. It’s hard to describe, but it’s pretty; fake diamond earrings; my St. Dominic medal; navy blue flats with silver detail.


I Always Loved You: A Novel, and  Michelangelo and the Pope’s CeilingMichelangelo is my favorite artist (well, OK, one of my top five). Mary Cassatt and Degas are two of the others, and they’re in the first book. 🙂 So I’m on an art kick, here.

In the CD Player::

Sarah McLachlan’s Surfacing.

Around the House::

Normal vacuuming, dusting, etc. tomorrow. Nothing major in that area.

From the kitchen::

Well since I was sick last week I was sort of “off my feed”, so most of last week’s menu is being transferred to this week. I’m having lunch with Dad tomorrow and I’m making a chicken caesar salad for dinner (caesar salad, by the way, is not Italian. It’s Mexican. That’s a tidbit. 🙂 )

Plans for the week::

I have to make a Guinness Cake so I can photograph it for my Real Housekeeping column. Hard job, right? 🙂 (I know. It is. But someone has to do it.)

Holy Hour on Wednesday, and our church is having a special Mass for the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, so I’m going to try to go to that as well.

Funny CCD story::

Well it’s several things. Today we talked about the Eucharist, and the kids were take aback by the fact that they can drink wine (as part of communion in some parishes), and also, that in Jesus’ time, a lot of people drank wine. Like, kids. They were amazed at this.


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