Daybook No. 91–and my first Real Housekeeping article! :)


Outside my window::

It’s cloudy. It’s going to rain later though! I am so excited about rain, I can’t even tell you. It will be in the FORTIES today!


Jeans and a Lands’ End scoop neck, Royal blue t-shirt. Nothing awesome, because I’m just working around the house today.

In the CD player::

Jesus Christ Superstar. OK, I know, it’s not precisely…accurate. 🙂 However, it’s great music.


The Fiery Cross, A Time of Renewal, Loved As I Am, and a book about the making of the Passion of the Christ.


My first Real Housekeeping article!!!!!

Hope you like it!

Around the house::

The normal stuff–trash out, vacuuming, dusting. My brother’s coming over for dinner tonight so I have to clear off the kitchen table so we have a place to eat before we watch House of Cards.

From the kitchen::

Tonight is a slow-cooker chicken recipe with paprika, cayenne pepper, apricot jam, and other yummy things. It’s one of my favorite meals. Tomorrow I’m having dinner with my parents, Thursday I’m having dinner with Mary before a Frassati meeting, and then Friday-Sunday I’m on retreat!

Speaking of retreat….if you have any prayer requests, drop ’em in the comment box. 🙂


I actually got to the gym yesterday! Yayyyy!


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