Yarn Along No. 20

It’s Wednesday again!

I’ve started work on a housewarming gift for one of my friends–a set of knitted washcloths. Her house has lots of shades of purple in her kitchen and master bath, so I thought that these Comfy yarns from Knitpicks would be great:


From left to right we have blackberry, lilac, and vinca. I’m also adding a white one because our high school colors were purple and white, and so I have to stick with that, right? 🙂 The white is in comfy sport, while these are comfy worsted.


I’m probably more than halfway done with this. The pattern is cast on 50 stitches and then just knit stitch until it’s as big as you want it. I like it to be more square than rectangle. This uses No. 6 needles.

Reading is mostly the same as last week–this is a more knitting than reading post 😉


3 thoughts on “Yarn Along No. 20

    • With the wood floor and the marble, the purple looks nice. They also have a purple curtain across the back door, so I’m hoping these will work well for her! I love the combination of all three colors.

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