Seven Quick Takes No. 70



Happy Friday y’all! I am happy because it is going to warm up! It’s going to be in the 50s all next week! This deserves italics, people. Yay!!!!! I am so excited! Bring it!


I am also excited because I’m going on a silent retreat this weekend. I love silent retreats. They are necessary to my spiritual well-being. This one is being preached by one of the Dominican friars from my parish, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

If you’ve never been on a silent retreat, I highly recommend it. The silence isn’t really that scary. 😉 And the spiritual fruits are amazing.

I have a whole category called “retreats”, so if you want to read more about them, click on the link at the bottom of the post, where the tags are.

(And if you have prayer requests, hit me up!)


I’ve been knitting a lot this week. I’m about to finish part 1 of a housewarming gift, and I’m determined to learn how to purl. At one point, I knew. Then I forgot. I want to fix this quickly.


My first Real Housekeeping article went up this week! I am very excited to be writing with these lovely ladies. Need a great dessert recipe? Head over there. 🙂 


I’ve got a few books to take along on retreat, but one of them, sadly, is not A Breath of Snow and Ashes, which is the sixth Outlander book, and where I am in my series re-read. I just don’t think that’s appropriate, right? 🙂


Are there any books that you’ve started and just can’t finish? For me, it’s War and Peace. I’ve tried it twice now, and I just can’t. I even (I say this with shame) bought Sparknotes for it. And still, nothing. As the Emperor said to Mozart, “Too many {words}.” I know there’s a new film adaptation coming, so maybe I’ll watch that and then feel like I can tackle the book? (That’s how I tackled Bleak House, after all. I like Esther a lot, but there’s a huge amount of “Too many words” territory in that book.)


Also–do you stop reading a book once you’ve started it? As in, do you give up midway through as a matter of course (if you’re not interested), or do you plug away to the end?


2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes No. 70

  1. It has to be a pretty bad book for me not to plug away to the end. But I never could make it through Moby Dick — and there’s a bio on St. Teresa of Avila (who, btw, is my favorite heavenly buddy, too) that I just. cannot. get. through. Like you said: too many words! Enjoyed your Quick Takes! Nice to “meet” you! 🙂

    • The only, ONLY reason I got through M-D was because I had to read it for a 19th C. American Lit Class. and even then there was lots of skimming. I tried it again a few years ago, and nope! Was defeated by the Whale Encyclopedia! Glad to know someone else feels the same way!

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