Lent Retreat 2015 Part II

retreat notes

Saturday Afternoon

1:15-2:45 Time on your own/confessions in Chapel
3:00 Conference
4:15 Stations of the Cross
5:30 Dinner

Conference notes:

  • Fr. C opened by talking about our friendship with God and how we relate to the saints. How can we restore our relationship with God?
  • Sin causes chaos in our lives, and we need to restore us. Confession is a great way to do this. We need God, and in the sacrament He provides Himself to us in a unique way. Don’t rely on guilty feelings to tell you something is wrong.
  • We can cling to guilt: God doesn’t want that! He doesn’t want us to have extensive guilt.
  • The spiritual life has its ups and downs. There’s a seasonality to it, just like with weather. We have times where we’re receiving lots of consolations, and times when we’re in the desert, so to speak. But God wants to restore us in a non-mechanical way.
  • Remember, God is forming us into His image. He has a plan for each of us that is unique. But He’s most often doing it with subtlety.
  • Mary was a sinless person. But she wasn’t boring. Grace is a lively thing. It’s very creative. “The holy life is a creative life.”
  • God wants us to see how He’s called us to perfection, and how to live in the Fullness of Life.
  • Mary’s maternity and virginity go together. The virginity is representative of the perfection of religious life. (Fr. C also noted that no one is married in Heaven.)  He also noted that the term “virginity” Isn’t used to apply to men.
    • What does it mean to be pure?
    • Purification of the heart: routine of life makes you more and more in tune with God, leading to peace and freedom.
    • We receive grace: reception is what we can do. We can be hospitable to it!
    • There is a loneliness to virginity. But as Mary waited on the Lord, we (in that position) teach ourselves to wait.
    • St. Thomas Aquinas: “All relationships we have in life are forms of friendship.”
    • God establishes these relationships in us. Confession is an act of friendship.
    • We need our friends.
  • Maternity: the generosity of women. You don’t have to have children for this to apply.
    • the love of women, how we relate to the world.
  • Hope speaks about clinging to God as a present helper.
    • It’s a passion.
    • We should pray for the grace of Hope.
    • Hope is “The willingness and the ability to be surprised by love.” 
  • Confession trains and humbles you.
  • Only cling to God.
  • Some things women do that are not helpful: passive-aggressive behavior, clinging to things (i.e., grown children).

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